Andrew McFarlin: CrossFit and Family

Andrew McFarlin drinks TruLabs

For Andrew McFarlin, CrossFit lets him combine intense exercise with the social time he enjoys. “During sessions, I hang out with friends and tell jokes,” he said. “But part of my brain wants me to be faster than the guy next to me. I can’t let them see me quit. That pushes me to work harder.”

Andrew, 33, married his wife, Chelsea, in 2014. They live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and stay busy with three kids, a daughter, 5, a son, 3, and a baby boy, 4 months old. When parenting gets stressful, he turns to CrossFit for positive energy. “And if I take the two older ones to the kids’ play area at the gym, my wife gets a break too.”

He drinks TruLabs Hydrate Glacier during the day before he gets thirsty. “I’m a big believer in that I hydrate for tomorrow, not today,” he said. “The great flavors help me drink more, and I’ll come to my workout already hydrated.”

Andrew McFarlin drinks TruLabs

Stoking the engine

Growing up, Andrew played soccer, ran for distance, and lifted weights. He started CrossFit in 2020.

“I love the blend of all the different exercises. We’re rowing, running, and biking one day, powerlifting, front squats, or gymnastics the next,” he said. “And there’s community to it, encouraging and being encouraged. Plus, I like not having to program my own workouts. I walk in, and they tell me what I’m going to do.”

At 6’1” and 160 pounds, Andrew has a lanky build. “CrossFit helped me lift heavier weights, improve mobility and build cardio. Now I have the best of both worlds. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, with the best engine I’ve ever had,” he said.

Andrew McFarlin drinks TruLabs

A competitive edge

The CrossFit Open is a competitive challenge where participants submit their workout scores to be ranked against others, regionally and worldwide nationally. A ranking of 100% would be the best in the world.  

Andrew took part and was ranked at 59% in 2021, 75% in 2022, and 73% in 2023. He completed the Fran workout in 5 minutes and 18 seconds, scoring in the 93rd percentile of 23.2A. “That was amazing,” he said.


Andrew McFarlin drinks TruLabs

A healthy future

Though he’s proud to be able to deadlift 345 pounds, Andrew mostly appreciates how good he feels every day. “I can pick up heavy things, and I don’t get winded,” he said. “I can play with the kids, easily raise them up overhead. Best of all, I am working to be healthy in the future.”

The family attends South Community Church in Bixby, where Andrew plays guitar and sings with the worship team.     

He hopes his children will grow to love fitness, too. “I’ve seen them play at CrossFit routines, even lifting a toy broomstick over their heads,” he said.

Andrew McFarlin

Getting an energy boost 

Andrew has used TruLabs PRE-Workout to boost his workout and drinks Energy + Focus to conquer the midafternoon lull at work. “I was surprised, but it does what’s advertised: hits me softer than coffee but gets me up when I’m dragging,” he said. 

His wife, Chelsea likes strawberry lemonade Hydrate. “It didn’t take her long to start stealing my Hydrate packets,” he said. “Now we buy them at Walmart or on Amazon.”

“I’ve tried another hydration product, but I was hesitant because it is like a sugar bomb. Hydrate doesn’t have any sugar. Nothing bad, all good, you can’t go wrong.”

Andrew McFarlin drinks TruLabs