Camille Simpkins: Citizen of the World

Camille Simpkins and her family love TruLabs

Camille Simpkins – Citizen of the World 

When Camille Simpkins was 17, she left her home in Kingston, Jamaica to join 200 young people to pursue her education at Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific in Victoria, a United World College, located in British Columbia, Canada. 

Camille is now 47, but she retains a perspective on the world and personal philosophy that were formed during those college years.

"It was an amazing experience," she said. "Now, when I listen to the news about other countries, it isn’t a random place. For me, it’s a face from that country, with a family attached to it."

"I think this gives me more empathy. Things and events affect real people. My perspective has that lens on it for me," she said. "It’s how I think through things. I tell my kids that they always need to listen. There are always three sides to a story."

Camille Simpkins and her family love TruLabs

She uses her contacts at Pearson College when she travels, giving her family an insider’s tour with alumni from other countries. "My kids say ‘Mommy has friends all over the world,' " Camille said. 

Camille and her husband Earl have three children, Sydney, 18; Alex, 16; and Catie, 13. They live in McKinney, Texas. Prior to pandemic restrictions, Camille and Earl took the kids all around the U.S. "We loved the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, in Arizona," she said. 

In various family member combinations, the Simpkins have traveled to Germany, Austria, Mexico, Greece,  England, Madrid, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Antigua and St. Lucia, and are now planning a trip to Spain. She returns to Jamaica to see her family several times a year, with and without the kids. "It’s nice to see my parents as their child," she said.

Camille Simpkins and her family love TruLabs

Staying fueled with TruLabs

Camille’s daughter Sydney is now a freshman at college in Oregon. Her son Alex is a new driver, and daughter Catie, an energetic eighth-grader who plays volleyball. 

Camille does Zumba at the gym two or three times a week. Her whole family stays active as well. She is looking to increase her agility and resistance-based training. "TruLabs packets are always in our sports bags."

"We always use TruLabs Hydrate when we play tennis — me, Earl and the kids," said Camille. "I like the Strawberry Lemonade. It lets us get through the whole day with enough energy to enjoy playing."

Catie counts on Energy and Focus, preferably Orange Pineapple, to keep her energized on the volleyball court at the end of the day. TruLabs powder packets are easy to share with her teammates, who found Hydrate tastier than other sports drinks.

"I trust TruLabs products because there are no bad ingredients, no side effects," Camille said. "We try to eat healthy. The kids know what goes in their water. It’s always TruLabs."

Camille Simpkins and her family love TruLabs

Passing on a free spirit

"I had a great childhood in Jamaica. I was active in theater, singing, and took piano lessons," Camille said. "But I took the island for granted until I went away. Then I missed the beach, food, laid back culture, and having family close by."

"I knew Sydney would go far away to college. I’ve always told my kids that home is our little bubble but the world is so much bigger. We gave them all wings and pray that they are able to fly."

Camille stays busy volunteering for her children’s school and other community projects. "Pre-kids, I did management and cross-cultural consulting as a career," she said. "And I still use those skills today. I helped executives see through a cultural lens, and that’s something we all need to do."