Chris Lerma: A Different Kind of Coach

Chris Lerma: A different kind of coach

When he was 19, Chris Lerma set aside his original plans to major in criminal justice at Texas State. Instead, decided to pursue full time ministry so he transferred to Global University and became a pastor. Later, he earned a degree in Business Management from WGU (Western Governors University).

"Back then, I loved football, and wanted to be a federal agent," said Chris, now 44. "I could have used my gifts for coaching and helping people in either of those fields, but God had a different calling on my life."

"I love to help people, communicate, impact my community, and see people win. It’s a different kind of coaching you could say. Through building the local church, I experience the greatest measure of fulfillment," he said.

Chris’ passion to help and serve others begins at home. Focusing on 20 years of marriage to his wife Wendy, and nurturing their three girls, Kamdyn, Willow, and Meadow. "They are the greatest gift after Jesus that God has given me," he said. 

From Texas to Louisiana and back

After working in a church in Lafayette, Louisiana for 13 years, Chris and Wendy came back to Texas in 2016, which is where they first met years ago. When they moved to Texas, they joined the staff of a church in Keller, Texas. Then, they moved to McKinney, Texas to become campus pastors of a local church. That’s where Chris met TruLabs Founder and CEO, Brandon Pogue

As campus pastor, Chris communicates regularly on the weekend but primarily develops people one-on-one and in groups to help them grow in their relationship with God and with others. Helping people discover how God uniquely designed them and how to live out their God-given purpose in their everyday life is Chris’ passion. Chris’ wife Wendy also serves by developing women to discover who God has designed them to be and what that looks like in every part of life.

"I’ve learned that I don’t have to be the one to get the win," said Chris. "When pastoring, it is like coaching, I focus on people and help them get the win. I develop individuals so they can grow in their relationship with Christ and win personally, as couples, and as parents."


Healthy body, healthy soul

Chris balances the business of ministry with passion for fitness and for nature. His early morning workouts, with Brandon at TruLabs Headquarters, start with PRE, and finish with HYDRATE. Over an hour of CrossFit and strength training get him set for the day.

"I use PRE about five times a week, and Hydrate every day, after my workouts and around 2 p.m. for an energy pick-me-up," said Chris. "I also have experienced the benfits of Energy & Focus and Sleep."

Off to the wilderness

Chris also loves pushing his physical limits through back country hiking. "I like to get away, to the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest," he said. 

He’s hiked the 93-mile Wonderland Trail that goes around Mount Rainier in Washington. "My buddies and I had an ambitious goal," he said. "I brought enough Hydrate for everyone to stay hydrated, which is critical out there."

 A pause to recharge

In 2021, Chris’ lead pastor encouraged him to take some time off in July to incorporate an intentional, healthy rhythm. It was a wonderful opportunity for him to slow down, spend time with his family, and prepare for the fall.

July 2022 was just starting when we talked to Chris, and his family planned to spend much of the month outdoors, floating down rivers and exploring natural caverns. "And the girls want to watch all nine Star Wars movies, so we’re going to do that too!" he said.

"July is a special time when we are intentional about doing new things, exploring new places and making great memories as a family. Being in ministry is a life of service while helping others and I’m passionate about it. In fact, I’m passionate about whatever I’m doing and making memories with my family is at the top of that list," he said.

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