Cory Proctor: Tackles Life with Optimism

Cory Proctor, number 71, used to play football for the Dallas Cowboys.

Cory Procter: Tackles life with optimism

As an NFL offensive guard with the Dallas Cowboys, Cory Procter mastered many skills. However, one of his most impressive talents isn’t his physical prowess, but his optimistic mindset.

"Football gave me huge life lessons," said Cory, "It taught me that an awesome outlook can make all the difference."

"Take the saying, 'Any play can change the game.' To me, that means you are never stuck in one situation. The next small moment could change everything. That’s true in the NFL, a marriage, a business, and in life," he said.

He continues to value and respect his current teammates. "That’s my wife, buddies, mentors, and people with faith. I need good people around me all the time," he said.

Cory Proctor, number 71, used to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Staying in shape

Cory, 39, also retained a commitment to physical health, and works out every day in his home gym. After a drink of TruLabs PRE, he goes through a mix of weights and metabolic conditioning. "I want to be active, with a strong, functional body, so I can feel good about myself and take care of my family," he said.

"I use HYDRATE a lot. That’s my number one, after working out, or after yard work. It tastes good and replaces all those nutrients." He also keeps a supply of ENERGY + FOCUS at the office for an afternoon boost.

Former Dallas Cowboy used TruLabs

Nurturing his gift

Cory discovered his talent for football in seventh grade. "The coach gave me positive feedback and I just ate it up. It energized me like crazy," he said. "It fed my work ethic and helped me develop into a solid player."

Cory’s gift helped him take the University of Montana to a Division I-AA National Championship. He was initially signed by Detroit Lions, but then played for the Dallas Cowboys for almost five years. Sadly, Cory suffered a career-ending knee injury while with the Miami Dolphins in 2010.

"I gave my life to something that didn’t want me anymore. It was so hard working through that," he recalled.

His fiancé Megan reminded him that life wasn’t only about football. "During the surgeries, I had to lean on her," he said. "We had time to be together. No travel. No games. She was a powerful, silent leader."

Megan helped Cory lay out a plan for the future: finish his degree, rely on faith, find a job and a home. "I needed to be humbled. When I learned how to talk to people, one-on-one, I found another gift," he said.

They got married in 2011 and settled in Texas. "God placed us together, so divorce is not an option." I tell her "If you ever leave me, I’m going with you."

They now have two children, Grace, 7, and Hank, 2. "Being a parent is just the best," Cory said. "A mix of joy and frustration, all at once. Sometimes I just give up and laugh with them."

Cory Proctor, pictured with his family, drinks TruLabs daily to tackle life.

New ways to help others

Cory was attracted to working in finance, mentored by his mother-in-law. In 2018, he founded his own company, Pro Capital Wealth Management, to help his clients protect their families and build their wealth.

His passion stems from an experience in his youth, which forced his family into bankruptcy. "I had a major fear of not having enough money, but now I help others avoid financial crisis, limit their risk exposure, and preserve their legacy."

He also gives motivational talks to different organizations, ministers on his faith, and encourages everyone to find meaning in their work and life. "It’s so easy for negatives to creep into any scenario. But you are never going to win with that. Optimism carries you toward a positive outcome."

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