Courtney Flores: Forever Athlete

Courtney Flores drinks TruLabs

Courtney Flores: Forever Athlete 

Courtney Flores, 29, wasn’t always tall, 5 foot, 11 inches. She fell in love with sports when she was much smaller and four years old.

Courtney grew up in Plano, Texas, with two brothers. She tried hockey, soccer, and gymnastics. But soccer stuck.

“In fourth grade, the goalie couldn’t make one of the rec games,” Courtney said. “So they looked around for the biggest, tallest kid on the field. That was me. After that, I tried out for club soccer as a goalie.”

“My height helped me, but all along, it’s been my focus, drive, and love of the game that made the difference,” she said. 

Courtney Flores drinks TruLabs

A soccer standout

Courtney was thrilled to play for the Bulldogs, the women’s soccer team at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. She helped the team win Great American championships and tournament titles, earning individual awards, including the university’s Athlete of the Week.

After college, she knew she’d have to find another direction. For four years, she put her degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science to use coaching club soccer in Frisco, Texas and giving private lessons. But it wasn’t enough.

Courtney Flores drinks TruLabs

Running on a new path

“After soccer, I had a total identity crisis,” she said. “I’d had 25 years of living with a ball. It’s who I was. So I decided to try running. It’s a healthy outlet for me. I’m still an athlete, just in a different arena,” she said. 

She runs three or four times a week when training and plans to enter the BMW Marathon in Dallas in December 2023.

Powered by TruLabs

Courtney always makes TruLabs Pre and Hydrate part of her routine. “I wish I’d had Hydrate in college,” Courtney said. “My favorites are glacier and watermelon. It helps me run longer and fully recover.”

She shares Hydrate with her workout buddies. “I always have a stick of TruLabs on me, handing it out like candy. It’s so convenient. I use it daily,” she said.

In 2023, Courtney began CrossFit, using TruLabs Pre-Workout for energy without the crazy jitters. “It’s different from other pre-workout supplements. I like the clean ingredients,” she said.

She and her boyfriend, John Rae, are both committed to fitness. “At times, it’s almost too much,” she joked. “So we say, ‘Time to talk about something else.’ ” They also enjoy traveling, finding healthy recipes, and eating sushi.

Courtney Flores drinks TruLabs

Finding a community

Courtney works full-time at Lululemon, the athletic apparel retailer, as assistant manager of operations. That’s where she met Brandon Pogue, founder, and CEO of TruLabs.

“I loved that he and Jen led a Christian-based company. I think TruLabs’ combination of spiritual and physical fitness is unique,” Courtney said.

Courtney had recently found a new creative outlet in photography, buying a camera and teaching herself how to use it. She was already a TruLabs Ambassador, and in 2020, she began helping with photography and social media

“I first met Courtney when I was a Lululemon Ambassador, and she’s a natural at managing our social media,” said Brandon. “She doesn’t just work with us. She’s more like family.”

“I’m trying to make the social posts fun, showing more behind the scenes of a local family business. Keeping it light,” Courtney said. “We talk about relatable things that can support everyone’s mental and physical health.”

“Courtney has been with TruLabs almost since the beginning,” agreed Jen Pogue. “She’s hard-working and gifted at photography and creating the perfect Instagram grid.  We love working with her.”

Courtney Flores drinks TruLabs