Dakoda Shepley: Hardwired for football

Dallas Cowboy, Dakoda Shepley drinks TruLabs because it's healthy and tastes great.

Dakoda Shepley: Hardwired for football

Dakoda Shepley, 28, knows his way around professional football. He’s played with teams in Canada and the U.S. and thrives on the challenges of a tough game. "When life is easy, I get bored," he said. "In the off season I do training, and look forward to the next season."

For Fall 2022, he’s on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad as an offensive guard. Dakoda fully commits to every practice session, keeping his own skills in top shape and helping the defense stay prepared. 

"I want to be ready for my opportunity to play, to get a shot and run with it," he said.

Dakoda finishes every workout with TruLabs HYDRATE — preferably Glacier flavor — to replace the vitamins and electrolytes he loses in sweat. "Since it’s so hot here in Texas, I enjoy Hydrate twice a day," he said. "It’s great to have something like this. I never drank sports drinks, but Hydrate is crucial for me, to help me perform at peak capacity."

NFL Player Dakoda Shepley drinks TruLabs

From hockey to football

Growing up in Windsor, Ontario, Dakoda played hockey, and switched to football in high school and at the University of British Columbia. As a Canada West All-star at right tackle during his senior year, he helped the UBC team win the Vanier Cup, which is the Canadian college championship.

"By now I’m hardwired to perform under pressure," he said. "I love football, the structure and demands."

Dakoda played for the New York Jets in 2018, and was next signed by the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League in 2019. In 2020 and 2021, he played with the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, quickly learning why the NFL could also stand for "Not For Long." 

"You’ve got to grow a thick skin," Dakoda said. "I get super excited when I’m starting with a new team, but I know it could be for a week, a month, or a year. I put those thoughts on the back burner, deal with right now, and give it my all."

NFL Football Player Dakota Shepley drinks Trulabs

Calling Dallas home

Dakoda was thrilled to join the Dallas Cowboys as he was already planning to buy a house and settle down in Texas. He had spent time here, working with specialized trainers. In 2019, he met Brandon Pogue, Founder and CEO of TruLabs, and they started working out together at TruLabs HQ.

"He had just launched TruLabs. One day he made me a drink in a TruLabs shaker cup and it was great," Dakoda said. "Now I drink Hydrate to ensure my recovery after practice and training. I share it with my teammates and spread the word."

NFL Player Dakoda Shepley drinks TruLabs 

Hollywood north

When he’s not playing football, Dakoda likes to travel, or play the drums with his father, who plays the guitar. He’s also appeared in movies. 

"They say if you live in Vancouver long enough, you’ll end up in the movies," he said, describing the film crew that found him in his college football locker room. "They asked if I wanted to be an extra. Now, when they need a six-foot-five, 300-pound guy with brown hair, they might call me."

For Deadpool 2, he was Omega Red, a Marvel Comics X-Men villain. "I was in full monster makeup, in the background, playing chess. My role in that film is sort of an Easter egg for fans," he said.

TruLabs-Dakoda Shepley

Set for success

Dakoda characterizes his daily mindset with the acronym WIN, for What’s Important Now. "To be successful this year, I can’t worry about next year," he said. "Each team is a clean slate. Eventually, if I stick with it, I’ll get my reward. The only way to surely fail is to quit and I’m not going to quit."

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