Donna Holland: Travels Far Following Her Faith

TruLabs x Donna Holland, Missionary

Donna Holland: Travels far for following her faith

Donna Holland, 72, spends a lot of time on airplanes. With her husband, Dr. Ralph Holland, 74, she has traveled to 85 countries to guide missionaries, establish churches, train leaders, and follow her faith.

"I don’t think everyone can, or should, do what we do," she said. "But everyone has a purpose, to do what God is asking of them."

Their home is in Dallas, Texas, but Donna and Ralph don’t spend much time there. Instead, they go to Costa Rica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Columbia, Nicaragua, Spain, Israel, Nigeria, and other countries of Asia and Africa. Through their missionary work, they have also educated children, helped refugees, and built networks of supportive communities in some of the world’s struggling countries.

"We’ve been together for 54 years," said Donna. "I think it has lasted so long because we communicate well and are passionate about what we do as a couple. We were so young when we got married that our calling formed our life and relationship."

TruLabs x Donna Holland in Greece

Hydrate prevents muscle cramps

Donna relies on TruLabs HYDRATE to replenish the nutrients she loses during her busy days, and prevent painful leg cramps.

"I liked the flavor of Hydrate, and I thought it was probably doing something healthy for me," Donna said. "After drinking it for two days, I realized I wasn’t getting my usual leg cramps at night."

"The cramps happened most nights. Now, it’s very seldom, only if I forget to take my Hydrate," she said. "I think it’s the potassium that I was short on. Hydrate keeps me going. I feel like it really does help me."

Medical studies show that fighting dehydration with electrolyte drinks with sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride — like Hydrate — can help prevent muscle spasms better than water alone.

TruLabs x Donna Holland in Europe

Discovering new countries

Puerto Rico was the Hollands first placement. After living there as well as in Costa Rica and Mexico, they learned Spanish so well that they eventually started a Spanish-speaking church in Dallas, Mundo de Fe Ministries. It now has 2,000 members and their son, Tim Holland, is the pastor.

Their son Stephen inherited the travel bug and is a field rep for the ministry. Donna enjoys her nine grandchildren, ages 11 to 24.

"We’ve done the old-fashioned ministry path, often traveling into and even riding horses into remote villages, starting churches while living abroad, reaching out to the very poor," said Donna. "Today we are able to support church leaders online, but we feel an on-going in-person visit is still necessary."

Donna also manages accounting for the International Missions Network, enabling donations for 20 oversees missionaries.

TruLabs x Donna and Ralph Holland

A childhood dream comes true

"My husband grew up in rural Tennessee. He’d play outside barefoot all day," said Donna. "When a plane flew over, the whole family would come out to watch and Ralph would say 'One day, I’m going to fly on one of those things.' Now, he’s been to 103 countries."

Ralph takes TruLabs PRE-Workout, to boost his kick boxing routine. "He’s very athletic for someone in his 70’s," said Donna. "TruLabs helps support his energy levels."

TruLabs x Donna Holland in South America

Donna is pictured here with the students at the Donna Holland Christian School in Diriamba, Nicarangua

International relations

The Hollands found time to collect their history in a book, Relentless: Chronicles of Love, Faith, and Service.  "Apparently, people want to hear our stories," she said.

Donna's favorite scripture verse is Romans 12:1 which says, "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service." Donna and her husband Ralph have done their best to live out this verse with their life's work of ministry.

Donna has no plans to slow down. "The gifts and calling of God are without repentance," she said, quoting scripture. "I may be done riding a horse through the jungles of Costa Rica, but I could see us counseling from a rocking chair. We’ll always be available as long as we’re alive."

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