Fede and Lubi Arredondo: Caring for the Children

Fede and Lubi Arredondo love TruLabs

Fede and Lubi Arredondo: Caring for the children

Fede and Lubi Arredondo love their three children and encourage their participation in art and sports. But they also care for hundreds of needy children in Mexico through their mission, King’s Arrow.

"We saw that someone needed to do something, and that someone was us," said Fede. "We raise funds to bring them backpacks, shoes, sweatshirts, and school supplies."   

"These children live on the streets without parents," said his wife Lubi. "We teach them that there is more to life than they see now. That they can achieve things and realize a greater destiny."


Fede and Lubi partner with local churches to also provide health care, vision, and hearing checks. "When you give a child a haircut, you have their attention, and can share the Word," said Fede. "Over the years, we’ve seen a transformation in these communities."

"The biggest thing that moves my heart is to show them that even if they don’t have a father, they are loved by God as a father," said Lubi.

The Arredondos first tried TruLabs HYDRATE while on a mission trip with Pogue Family Missions.  "We like the HYDRATE, ENERGY + FOCUS, PRE-WORKOUT, and SLEEP," said Lubi. "They are great products for the whole family."


Finding a connection

Fede and Lubi met at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, quickly finding common interests. 

Lubi grew up in southern Mexico and came to the U.S. at age 13. "As a teen, I realized that I needed to start a healthy lifestyle," said Lubi. "Fitness became my passion. I ran a lot, ate the right foods, and took care of my body. Now it’s my lifestyle."

Fede lived in a Mexican border town, and crossed into the U.S. each day to go to school. At 13, he started playing the guitar with a band. Now he plays during services at their home church, around the country, and internationally as a worship musician.

Fede also expresses his creativity digitally, developing websites, ads, and videos. During the pandemic, he began to design and handcraft beautiful fedoras and cowboy hats, which he sells online at Crimzon.co.


Passing on a heritage

When possible, Fede and Lubi like to bring their children on mission trips. "Our kids are very American, but we want them to know their heritage and Mexican culture — and how other children live," said Lubi.

Their eldest daughter is Mishka, 17, a cheerleader who also enjoys singing and worship. Kali, 10, shows her artistic side and loves to dance and sing. Ruslan, their five-year-old son, is energetic, full of life, and wants to play all the sports. "God knew we needed him," said Lubi, "We’re in a special season where he’s in kindergarten and we’re filling out college applications for our oldest."


Hydrate for everyone

"Our girls cheer, dance, and play basketball and soccer, so they drink HYDRATE Perfect Orange," she continued. "I work out with the PRE-WORKOUT Caffeine Free. And then enjoy the Strawberry Lemonade HYDRATE to recover afterwards."

When Fede is traveling, he always has packets of HYDRATE in his luggage. Even little Ruslan likes his shaker cup of HYDRATE, which he regards as a special treat. 

Lubi also works with TruLabs’ marketing team. "What we really love about the company is their mission, vision, and their heart," she said. "They make products to nourish the body, the spirit, and the soul."

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