Hanna Vanacour: An Athlete for Life

Hanna drinks Hydrate

Hanna Vanacour: An athlete for life

Hanna Vanacour’s passion for fitness began early. So early that by age 11 she was taking part in in CrossFit competitions. Today, at 5’3” and 140 pounds, she can back squat 300 pounds.

“I’m so into it now, I can’t see ever giving it up,” said Hanna. “It’s an integral part of my life.”

Hanna, 19, is a sophomore at Texas A&M University. “When I moved to college, I found a good gym at CrossFit SDA,” she said. “I was thankful for that. Having friends at the gym made the transition easier.”

Hanna drinks Hydrate

Fitness started early

Hanna grew up in Plano, Texas, with her dad, a professional soccer player, and her mom, a nutritionist and fitness instructor. Her sister, Mari, a high school freshman, is into competitive cheerleading.

“We were a very active family, always up and doing something. We don’t lay around very well,” Hanna said.

TruLabs Hydrate is always part of Hanna’s workout. “I feel at my best after I drink it,” she said. “I feel rejuvenated because it replaces all the nutrients that I lost in sweat. If I skip it, I can tell.” 

Hanna’s favorites are Hydrate Glacier and Strawberry Lemonade, but she keeps a big bucket of all the flavors in her pantry. “I give them out like candy at the gym,” she said. “Plus, it’s super convenient to take anywhere, even on a plane.”

Hanna drinks Hydrate

Discovering CrossFit

Hanna’s parents started CrossFit in 2012, and she joined the kids classes at age 9. “I got super into it,” she said. “Both the fitness and community aspects.”  

That hasn’t changed in the last decade. “I still love the variety of CrossFit,” said Hanna. “It keeps it interesting and fun, and I get to work out with my friends. If I miss a day, I’ve got three texts within the hour asking if I’m OK. That means a lot.”

She competed in the CrossFit teen division in 2021, ranking 14th worldwide for girls, 16 -17. “Just making it to the CrossFit games was a huge goal. I’m very happy with my achievements.”

Training for the games is hard work. Her favorite activity is the worm, an 11-foot long, 365-pound sandbag carried by 4 people.  In 2023, her CrossFit SDA team ranked 32nd best in the North American West Region.

Hanna drinks Hydrate

Eating well

At college, Hanna is studying nutrition. “I love food, and I’m fascinated by how it affects the body, ” she said. “Now, I’m studying the science behind it. I want to pursue my masters and become a registered dietitian.”

Hanna eats a lot of vegetables, clean proteins, and carbs to build muscle and replace the calories she burns in exercise. “I love to cook and bake. I like to make pasta with ground beef or chicken. They are super easy to heat up and eat.”  

Hanna drinks Hydrate

Outside and on the move

Hanna enjoys being outside, swimming, or playing pickleball with her boyfriend, Alex.  He’s also a CrossFit athlete. “On vacation, we went to Arizona and hiked Camelback Mountain. Of course, we brought along Hydrate.”

Recently, she began teaching and coaching classes at CrossFit SDA. “I hold other people to the standard of working as hard as I do, and we all put our best foot forward,” she said. “Everyone is friends at the gym.”

Hanna drinks Hydrate