Hudson Shrum: Scores with TruLabs

Hudson Shrum scores with TruLabs

Hudson Shrum, 22, is a wide receiver for Southern Methodist University Mustangs football team in Dallas, Texas. Number 33 is a junior, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. His team finished 2021 with an 8 and 4 record, and Hudson is having a blast, both at football and with his studies.

"We’ve got a good team this year," he said. "I’m majoring in sports management and the professors are really great."

Hudson grew up in Southlake Texas, and was on the Southlake Carroll High School team. But he went in a different direction after graduating, attending the University of Arkansas and Blinn Community College.

"But I missed football so much, that I came back to it at SMU," he said.


Finding the Spirit in nature and church

Hudson also likes being outdoors, snowboarding or fishing, or just hanging out with friends. That love of nature was fostered at Kanakuk Christian summer camp in Missouri, which he’s attended since he was 12.

He’s also close to his supportive parents, two sisters and a brother – who grew up going to church every Sunday.

"When I struggled in my teenage years, with school and my ADHD, I turned to my faith and my family," said Hudson. "I came out stronger."

High energy, intense focus

Hudson counts on TruLabs products to keep his energy up for football and help him focus in the classroom. "I tested the waters on all types of work out supplements, but since I found TruLabs, it’s the only one I use. I’ve told a lot of my friends about it. I’m a huge fan," he said.

"With PRE there’s no crash and I’m not overstimulated. I just feel focused and intense during workouts and practice," he said. “And I’m drinking HYDRATE all day.”

Hudson has PRE or HYDRATE in his shaker bottle at all times, for football practice and game days. He likes the lemon lime HYDRATE and chooses PRE in either lemonade or strawberry watermelon flavor. "They all taste great," he said.

"I tried ENERGY + FOCUS it before class," he said. "It made a huge difference. I was super attentive in class and studying for midterms. I think it does more for me than the medication I take for ADHD, without the side effects."

"I’ve tried SLEEP too. All the products are incredible."

"On top of all of this, I love TruLabs because of their mission," Hudson said. "They are a company that gives all their success to Jesus and I think that is the most admirable thing. TruLabs stands firm in their beliefs and I know the Lord is going to take them to unimaginable heights and I am humbled to be a part of it."

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