Jen Pogue: Mom, Business Woman, Believer

Mom, Business Woman, Believer

For Jen Pogue, faith and family come first – both her own family and her TruLabs employee family. She stays fit to keep up with her children and her job, relying on her faith to set the cornerstone for each day.

Jen, 41, will celebrate Mother’s Day with her husband, Brandon, 43, and their children, Lexi, 17, Reagan, 16, and Maverick, 13. "Motherhood has brought me so much joy," Jen said. "I taught them how to eat and walk, but they’ve taught me a lot too, like how to sacrifice for others. We were young parents, and they kept us grounded, focused on our vision and goals."

Jen and Brandon started TruLabs in 2017 to sell pre-workout supplements that tasted good and were good for you – something that just wasn’t available then.

"Over the years I gave a lot of behind-the scenes support," Jen said. "But I wasn’t ready to stop being a full-time, stay-at-home Mom. My kids still needed me. We both knew how important that was."

The value of healthy living

Born in Grand Prairie, Texas, Jen started working out at age 10, and immediately recognized how much better it made her feel. She moved from the backyard trampoline to cheerleading competitions, and continued in college, studying marketing at Texas A&M. "I have always done a daily workout, to check-in with my body, relieve stress, and stay healthy," said Jen.

She met Brandon at college and they were married in 2002. They have instilled their enthusiasm for fitness in their children.

Brandon, CEO and founding principal of TruLabs, is an avid, daily CrossFitter. Lexi does CrossFit and recently stepped back from cheerleading to refocus on track. Reagan participates in both cross-country and track, while Maverick enjoys golf, sometimes with his dad, as well as hunting and biking. Jen tries to attend all their events, and works out herself at least three times a week.

A mid-afternoon Hydrate break

With her busy schedule, Jen counts on TruLabs HYDRATE to keep her energy level high, usually Lemon Lime or Strawberry Lemonade. "I drink one every day at 2 p.m. and another later on if I’ve been outside a lot," she said. "Hydrate’s yummy, sour flavors are a treat that gets me through the afternoon slump. The vitamins are a great pick-me up."

She also uses PRE Caffeine Free before workouts, either Pina Colada or the Strawberry Watermelon flavor.

The power of faith

The Pogues live their faith at home and at work, relying on God to reveal how He wants them to serve others. "That’s why TruLabs is dedicated to God, but open to everyone," Jen said. "We are grateful we can sell a product that is truly helping people."

"We all go to Gateway Church. The kids are active in youth group and Brandon and I serve on the prayer team," she said. "We’ve taught them to respect others and to understand the power of words. What they say matters."

Jen describes prayer as a peaceful way to turn fear into faith. "I trust that God will hear my prayers and take care of my worries for me. When a door closes, I step back and acknowledge that what looks like a setback could be an answered prayer. That God has another direction for me."

Taking on a new role

In March 2021, after their girls got their driver’s licenses and Jen could take off her chauffer’s cap, she joined TruLabs as Chief Marketing Officer.

"I already believed in the product and understood how to sell it," Jen said. "We are blessed to have a great team of employees who believe in our vision and values and work hard to meet our goals. And we have fun together. There are a lot of jokes, a lot of laughter."

Jen now uses her marketing skills to support sales, manage the TruLabs website and its social media. "I can work from home, which is a blessing, but now I’m busy all day, and they’ve risen to the occasion, becoming more independent," she said.

"Balancing work and family takes a lot of planning," she said. "I have to resist my tendency to fix everything and do it all. I’m spending less time with the children, but I’m happier too, more fulfilled on a professional level."