Jenny Fuller: Uses Yoga to Build Community

Jenny Fuller Uses Yoga to Build Community

When Jenny Fuller signed up for 200 hours of certified yoga instructor training, she began a journey of introspection and exploration. She’s still on that road, traveling full speed ahead.

Jenny, 41, owns Karma Fitness in Frisco, Texas. She just finished her first year as a TruLabs Wholesaler. "I’m an entrepreneur," she said. "But my business is to build community. I get like-minded people together."

Growing up in Houston, as Jenny Dean, her family played golf and tennis together. "We always ate healthy, so health and fitness are my roots," she said.

"My first yoga class was life changing," Jenny recalled. "I knew immediately that this was for me. Through yoga you connect with yourself. It gave me the confidence to become who I’m meant to be, the best version of myself. And I’m not the only one who needs that."

Trainer, leader, business woman

Jenny had found her purpose. After completing training, she taught yoga for 10 years. But she wanted to open a gym that would be for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. "I connected with the community first, and my students followed me," she said.

Karma Fitness has one room for strength training and another for infrared yoga, cross-training, stretching, and meditation. She opened it in February 2021 and business boomed. Today, Karma Fitness has 170 members, 14 teachers, and 2 full-time staff. Jenny teaches four classes a week.

"My biggest prayer was that it wouldn’t be about me. I kept asking God to help me find people who shared my beliefs. I hired them, they shadowed me and now they can teach better than I can. They’re growing, we’re growing, and we’re all happy," Jenny said.

When you learn not to quit on a yoga class, you learn not to quit on other things. "Fitness is a way to discover so much about yourself," she said. "Creating a healthy habit every day builds self-confidence. Whatever you are going through, the hardest things, fitness can get you through it." 

Spreading the TruLabs story

Jenny is a big fan of TruLabs products and has served as a TruLabs ambassador. "I’m obsessed with HYDRATE," she said. "And I have the PRE+ every day, for the extra caffeine. I drink SLEEP at night; it works wonders."

Karma Fitness members can buy TruLabs drink mixes right at the gym, where Jenny keeps a fully stocked store. "They need HYDRATE to replace those minerals and vitamins. I like it because it’s a full wellness brand," she said.

Following her path

Jenny’s podcast, Living on Purpose, is about achieving wellness through yoga, intention, and mindfulness. Her book, Strongest at 40, is a clean eating lifestyle plan. She loves to hold yoga classes in unexpected places and bring in vendors like TruLabs who relate to the community.

As pleased as she is with the success of Karma Fitness, she sees it has a stepping stone to a greater future. "I know there is more. I want to impact as many people as I can."

Her children, Hailey, 14, Hudson, 12, and Harper, 10, and her husband Marty all work out at Karma Fitness. Hudson even helps at the front desk. "We are tight as a Christian, church-going family," Jenny said. "My kids are my reason why. I love that I can show them how to be an entrepreneur and follow their dreams."

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