Joe Navarro: Spreading the Word, Digitally

Joe Navarro drinks TruLabs

Joe Navarro: Spreading the Word, digitally

Joe Navarro grew up in Dallas but found a second family in McKinney, Texas. Even more surprising to Joe is that he has followers worldwide.

Joe, 23, has transformed a centuries-old practice of sharing the word of the Lord into modern-day TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram videos. “I talk about Jesus in a fun way to help non-believers find God and encourage believers to continue,” he said.

Joe didn’t start to be a Christian social media influencer. He studied agricultural economics at Texas A&M. After graduating, he used the videos he made for fun as a full-time occupation. 

Joe Navarro drinks TruLabs

Staying healthy and strong

Joe is also passionate about fitness and goes to the gym almost every day. He’d trained as an instructor for cycling, Pilates, and CrossFit. Now Joe uses TruLabs Hydrate and Pre-Workout to support his workouts. “These drinks make me feel great,” he said.

Joe met Brandon Pogue, founder, and CEO of TruLabs, at Lululemon in Plano, Texas. They became friends and work out together, often at the TruLabs company gym.

“I like working out with Brandon and the TruLabs squad; it’s a camaraderie of brotherhood. We push each other to reach our goals,” he said.

 Joe Navarro drinks TruLabs

Growing up funny

Joe’s sense of humor evolved early. “I was always a funny guy. When I was eight, my sister and I made would make music videos,” Joe said. “I’m always creating funny video scenarios in my mind.”

Joe started turning his funny ideas into TikTok videos in 2019. He was astonished to see that he got 30,000 views. “If I’m reaching 30,000 people, I want to focus on the Lord, to plant a seed to learn more about God.”

Your Christian guy

He likes to explain why he chose @joechristianguy as his handle. “Friends would call me Joe mama, like yo mama, meaning your mama. So I thought I’d be Joe Christian Guy, your Christian guy.”

Joe’s reach can surprise him. When he was in Israel, a tourist from Germany recognized him. “We’re at the Dead Sea, and he’s telling me how I open up conversations with his students about the gospel. In Germany! Then someone from Sweden told me they love the joy I bring to the faith.”

Joe Navarro drinks TruLabs

Health and fitness for the people

During his second year at college, Joe heard that TruLabs needed interns who loved Jesus, fitness, health, and wellness. He offered to join. “Brandon called me the next day and said, ‘Can you help tomorrow? We’re spending three days at Sam’s Club in Bentonville, Arkansas.’ ” 

Joe jumped in, using his retail background to help Brandon and his wife, Jen Pogue, TruLabs Chief Marketing Officer, as they talked and prayed with shoppers, encouraging them to try Hydrate or Energy + Focus samples. 

“I played tennis my whole life, going to all-day tournaments, so I’ve dealt with full-body cramps. I know you need to stay hydrated,” he said. “Since I started drinking Hydrate when I exercise, that doesn’t happen. So I can recommend the products, honestly.”

Joe next applied his social media expertise to TruLabs’ accounts, adding dance moves and a sense of fun to the company’s YouTube and Instagram channels.

“Joe was our first TruLabs ambassador, and we continue to appreciate his many talents,” said Jen. “With his help, we’ve added an upbeat spirit to our social posts.”

Joe continues to attract attention on the Christian influencer scene, appearing on podcasts and in publications. “I was one of the first four online evangelists,” he said. “Now it’s huge. Only God could make this happen.”

Joe Navarro drinks TruLabs

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