Kari Walker: Always Happy to Help

Kari drinks Hydrate


Kari Walker, 23, wants to be the person that other people can count on. She wants to help people stay healthy and work for a company where she feels welcomed. She found that perfect fit at TruLabs.

“I have an employer who not only permits breaks for exercise, prayer, and mental health but actually encourages them,” she said. “Plus, I get to help people use a product I believe in.”

Kari drinks Hydrate


Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kari wanted to stay close to her family, so she attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. She studied health and medicine, graduating in May 2022. Now her brother is at the same college.

“Family is super important to me,” she said. “I love to have my parents come and stay with me,” she said. She’s Aunt Kari to her older sister’s four children in Houston. “We don’t see each other often, but I love my siblings.”

 Kari learned golf from her father and was on the golf team throughout high school. “I’ve always loved to go for long walks. This is just a walk where I stop every once in a while to hit a golf ball,” Kari said.

Kari drinks Hydrate


A family friend introduced her to Hydrate a few years ago, and soon she was working special events with Brandon and Jen Pogue, founders of TruLabs. “Jen and Brandon are very hands-on, talking to and praying with customers, helping them in ways that go beyond the products,” she said.

After graduation, she started full-time at TruLabs, working remotely from Norman. 

 “It’s neat to tell people how they can use our products to stay hydrated, energized, or sleep. I’m the smiling face and voice of the product,” she said.

Kari drinks Hydrate


She’s been to McKinney, Texas, to meet the rest of the close-knit team. “Everyone is so helpful,” she said. “Jen and Brandon invite me to stay at their house. I join their workouts, which are way more strenuous than my comfort zone, but I try to keep up.” 

“My faith has always been in the middle of it all,” she said. “Everyone on my TruLabs team makes it easy to be comfortable with that.”

“Kari is a great fit,” said Jen Pogue, Chief Marketing Officer for TruLabs. “She truly cares about our customers and makes sure they are happy with our products. Plus, she energizes the whole team with her enthusiasm.”

Kari drinks Hydrate


Kari still loves to walk her college campus and said, “I like to have a good conversation while walking. Often, I call my Mom.”

 Kari likes her Hydrate anytime during the day, and especially after exercise. “During sauna classes, when I get that overheated feeling, it’s nice to know Hydrate is going to be there to keep me healthy.” Glacier, strawberry lemonade, and perfect orange are her favorites. 

Kari also loves to travel, contrasting the beautiful mountain scenery in South Carolina with the flat lands of Missouri and the people-watching fun of New York City.

“The TruLabs to-go sticks are super convenient. I always take them when I travel. When I visit, all my friends know I have packets on me,” Kari added.

Kari drinks Hydrate