Kevin Ebbs: Built His Own Path to Success

Kevin Ebbs built his own path to success

Kevin Ebbs, 26, is a man in a hurry. A self-assured entrepreneur, he is running multiple businesses in roofing, solar energy, and construction, as well as a non-profit charity.

"I have been gifted with potential," he said. "I have a greater purpose to achieve, and I don’t want to slow down."

His route to success was unconventional, and Kevin is happy to help others who are still finding their way. He does that through motivational speaking, business consulting, and a new podcast: A Student of the Game. "I know a lot of smart people, so I have them on as guests and try to learn from them. If you want, you can listen in."

Kevin also plays football, basketball, and golf whenever he can. He does strength training every day at the gym. "I have a competitive nature. I play sports because I like a score, to know if I’m winning or losing," he said. "In the end, I like to win." 

TruLabs products fuel Kevin’s active lifestyle. Before his daily workouts, he drinks PRE+ to boost his energy. Afterwards, it’s HYDRATE.

"Fitness is a part of my life. I married it early on and it’s never going away," he said. "I drink HYDRATE – lemon lime flavor – post work out, and during the middle of the day to keep me going. It keeps me mentally in tune. I don’t like plain water, so with TruLabs I know I’m hydrated.”

Seeking a goal beyond money

Raised in inner city Houston, Kevin had an unstable childhood and joined the Marine Corps right after high school. Afterwards, he used his natural charisma and enthusiasm for exercise as a sales rep for LA Fitness. He moved up quickly, becoming a vice president for the company in Austin, Ft. Worth, and then Dallas.

A colleague encouraged him to look at the roofing industry, and he thought he could do better there. But his goal was not to make a lot of money.

"I wanted to create a brand that could change people’s lives. If you give a person the opportunity to earn six figures, you can create generational wealth. You can change their mother’s life, their children’s lives," said Kevin.

"I’ve been a man of God all my life. I put an unfair amount of pressure on myself, but I know that I’m on a mission that’s bigger than me. I’m here to inspire others."

A jump to independence

In 2020, Kevin took a leap of faith to start  Design Roofing. Within 100 days, he brought on two partners. Two years later Design Roofing has four offices in Texas. He expects to expand into two more states in 2022.

Kevin admits that some in the construction industry can be unreliable. "But it’s easy to identify them. We believe in being transparent and educating our customers. If we are doing it right, we have nothing to hide," he said.

He offers his 60 employees lots of potential for advancement and mentors them in business and in life. "I want them make good decisions, become the kind of men and women that their kids can be proud of," he said.

They all participate in the company’s charity, Design Cares – collecting contributions, funding needy causes, and hosting a Christmas present shopping spree at Walmart for underprivileged children.

"I didn’t come from poverty, but I know what it’s like to have the lights turned out because you couldn’t pay the bill," Kevin said. "But you don’t have to let your life story define you. I’m nothing special. I made the decision to be great."

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