Kevin Lawson: 60 Seconds of Hope

Kevin Lawson drinks TruLabs

Kevin Lawson: 60 Seconds of Hope

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Kevin Lawson, 40 at the time, now 42, had a pivotal life moment. He left his corporate career and started creating TikTok videos. His sincerity, creativity, and comedic style caught on. Now he’s a social media star — with more than 6 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and FaceBook.

His video content ranges from motivating, spiritual messages to comedic relief. Many of his skits include his 12-year-old daughter, Nonie, who is as expressive and funny as he is.

"I’m not one to stick to a niche," says Kevin. "I post what I feel when I feel it."

Kevin Lawson drinks TruLabs

Finding the right life

Kevin grew up in Metro Detroit, and met his wife, Leigh, when he was 15. For the last six years they’ve lived with Nonie in northern Michigan.

As a young kid He became active in athletics starting wrestling at just 5 years old, and continued through school. "As an adult, I’d go hard at fitness for three months, then take seven months off," said Kevin. "When I gave that part to God, I was able to be consistent and do it the right way. And now I’ve been consistent for the last 10 months thanks to the TruLabs products and Big North Barbell out of Gaylord, Michigan."

CrossFit became his favorite workout, aided these days by TruLabs PRE-WORKOUT and HYDRATE. "It’s good, I use it every day. Love the Glacier flavor," he said.

Kevin Lawson drinks TruLabs

At the crossroads

"In 2020, when I lost my job. I heard God say 'Maybe it’s time to start using the gifts that I gave you.' But I ignored Him. When I was offered another job I called my wife to let her know. Then she said, 'Maybe it’s time to use the gifts that God gave you.' Well, that stopped me dead in my tracks," he said.

Soon after, Kevin added the TikTok app to his phone and started uploading videos. Shortly after starting, God gave him a word to share which included finding a stretch of road to sit in and deliver the message. "Faith will make you look stupid until it starts to rain, just ask Noah," he said. "But I just started filming and let God speak through me, it was one take and unscripted."

The next day his Rest Stop video was at the top of his TikTok account, with over 6 million views. Today it has over 22 million views and counting. "It’s a simple message of not quitting when things get tough, and it touches all kinds of people from all walks of life and different ages," he said. "God’s always there at the next Rest Stop, where you can fuel up and get motivated to go on.”  

Kevin Lawson drinks TruLabs

Coming together in laughter

"I’ve always been silly and creative," said Kevin. Nonie and her dad create comedic videos that tap into their funny side — with wigs, Nerf guns, cookies, ATVs, and the Michigan woods for a backdrop. 

But most importantly family love is also present, touching his followers, who share their appreciation in thousands of comments such as: "One minute I’m crying and motivated, next I’m laughing and wondering what’s going on."

Kevin Lawson drinks TruLabs

Options for the future

Social media fame opens many doors, such as meeting movie Writer/Director Chris Dowling who referred him to The people at TOME, a daily devotional app, who asked him to record devotional videos in Texas. There he met Brandon and Jen Pogue, founders of TruLabs. "They are super cool people, with a message of hope and a really great product that I love," Kevin said.

As a TruLabs ambassador, Kevin occasionally promotes TruLabs to his followers. "It actually tastes really good and does the job it’s supposed to. That stands out in the supplement world."

Kevin Lawson drinks TruLabs

60 seconds of hope

Kevin recently shared videos of his family vacation at a dude ranch in Wyoming, riding horses and fly fishing.

"What you see on social media is me in real life, But it’s bigger than me. It’s about being a bridge in the gap. Bringing hope, smiles and most importantly letting people know that there is a God who loves them." he said. "I didn’t think a 60-second video could do that. But it’s been working for thousands and thousands of people. God can do big things with very little if you let Him."

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