Kirby Kelly – Living the Good Life

Kirby Kelly drinks TruLabs

Kirby Kelly grew up with social media. So, an online Christian ministry feels natural to her.  Thousands of people watch her videos to gain confidence and reinforce their faith.

“I love how you can connect with so many people instantly. I don’t have to wait to share my message,” Kirby said.

Kirby, age 26, lives in North Texas with her husband, Richard. She relates to young women, using her social media platform to combat the negative aspects of social media, such as bullying, and promote mental health. Her overall message is: You are enough as you are. 

“I encourage my followers to live the life they were created to live,” she said. “You are loved. You’re going to be OK. God is going to give you what you need.”

Kirby Kelly drinks TruLabs

 Kirby accepted Jesus at age 14 and began posting videos in High School. As one of the first female Christian social influencers, she still stands out on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and on her Bought + Beloved podcast, where she collaborates with other Christian influencers. 

Kirby has a BA in Communications and a minor in Biblical Studies from Dallas Baptist University. She completed her master’s degree in Theology this past May.

“There aren’t many young women preaching about Jesus. I can be entertaining and relate to the world without compromising who I am. Getting immediate feedback from my followers helps me grow and improve.”

Kirby Kelly drinks TruLabs

Mind, Body, and Soul

Kirby also loves a workout, focusing on cardio, strength, and fun. In the past, she made excuses, but she then had positive benefits. “Through exercise, I get stress relief and mental clarity,” Kirby said. “I like the community of women in Zumba classes and Pilates.”

In 2019, Kirby met Richard Kelly through the comment section of her TikTok. They cultivated their relationship online during the pandemic and got married in 2020. “We are laying down a good foundation for marriage. Our dreams are starting to happen.”

Kirby Kelly drinks TruLabs

Kirby and Richard were introduced to TruLabs by Joe Navarro. They went through their first sample bundle in three days. 

“The products match different parts of my lifestyle, so I use them daily,” said Kirby. “My favorite is Pre-Workout Caffeine-Free Pina Colada. It sustains me through my workouts without a crash and keeps me going. Energy + Focus helps me study. And I wind down for the day with Sleep.”

Richard uses Pre-Workout before his weight training. They both appreciate the quality ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. “TruLabs has lots of variety and no sugar,” said Kirby. “I love Hydrate Glacier and Watermelon after the gym or anytime. We live in Texas, after all.”

Kirby Kelly drinks TruLabs

Taking the Hard Road

In January 2023, she undertook the 75-Hard Challenge, a transformative mental and physical toughness program. “On Day 12, I failed on my diet. But I showed grace to myself and started again, with January 12 as day one,” she said. “This time, I finished it. It was empowering to be that disciplined.”

“It taught me that for failure in any area of life, you can always learn from experience, get up the next day, and keep going. And my next 75-Hard is going to include TruLabs.” 

Looking to the future, Kirby hopes to take her content deeper. “I feel like I have a lot to say all the time.”

Kirby Kelly drinks TruLabs