Pam Fink: Balances Faith and Fitness

Pam Fink balances faith and fitness

Pam Fink, 61, believes in God, the power of prayer, family, and fitness. As an ordained minister, she counsels people all over the country.

"My ministry is to encourage people in their faith, build them up spiritually, and point them toward the Lord," said Pam. "It’s the most important thing in life."  

She helps all sorts of people, but especially younger women who are approaching a crossroads in their lives. "Sometimes I just listen when they need to talk and share the burden," she said. "Sometimes I need to pour God’s love into them. I give them hope and peace. It helps to know that someone cares enough about them to pray for them." 

Building churches and fortifying the spirit

Pam and her husband David, travel around the country building churches. David mentors church leaders through the construction process and Pam provides spiritual support. "We are there to encourage them so they don’t take on too much and burn out," she said.

David explained that the name Pam means honey. "My wife is that sweet. She draws people to her," said David. "She can read a person, penetrate the facades, speak right to their heart, and build them up."

A human resource for TruLabs

Pam and her husband David met Brandon and Jen Pogue, founders of TruLabs, at the Dallas, TX Gateway Church campus. She felt drawn to pray for them and their new company. When they have a tough day, Brandon and Jen call Pam, knowing she’ll empathize and restore their confidence.

"Over time, it became clear to us that her gifts of prayer, faith, and encouragement would benefit the rest of our TruLabs team." said Jen. "We asked if she would like to join us as Chaplain. Now Pam participates in weekly calls and helps our team with support and prayer."

"Life can be overwhelming, both in business and personally," Pam said. "When a TruLabs team member feels down and needs to talk, I pray with them and give them hope."


We pray and God moves

Pam was born on Christmas Day. But when she was 8 ½, her biological mother gave her up for adoption. Pam feels no bitterness, just lucky that her adopted parents gave her a good spiritual heritage. She met David at church camp when she was just 16 and they were married two years later.

"He was a godsend," Pam said of her husband. "I’d rather be with him than anyone else in the world. We’ve stayed in love for 43 years."

They have three grown children, Nathan, Brittany, and Courtney, whom they adopted 10 years ago. Brittany and her husband Jimmy have a multi-cultural family of three adopted children.

"Adoption is part of who we are," said Pam. "Family is our top priority, next to the Lord. I feel blessed to have my family and husband and my calling."


Staying active with TruLabs

Pam is also an enthusiastic athlete – with help from TruLabs drinks. She lifts weights and enjoys softball, golf, hiking, biking, and running.

"TruLabs HYDRATE is essential. I love the lemon lime," she said. "I also like the ENERGY + FOCUS drinks. They get me through my day. I can take them anywhere and they taste great. Staying in shape is part of who I am. I need a balance of spiritual, mental, and physical."

Pam would like to offer anyone reading this blog post who would like prayer, to email her at