Paul and Judy Pogue: Busy Giving Back

Paul and Judy Pogue love TruLabs Hydrate and Energy

Paul and Judy Pogue: Busy giving back

Paul and Judy Pogue have been married for 47 years. They founded and built Pogue Construction, a large construction company, and live on a 140-acre ranch with cattle and chickens. But the most important legacy they will leave to their children and grandchildren is a commitment to serve others.

"Paul was the youngest of nine children and grew up without a lot of material wealth," said Judy. "When Pogue Construction did well, it felt like God was giving us an opportunity to use the money to help others."

"I live by the principle of learn, earn, and return," said Paul. "Through Pogue Missions we’ve built hospitals, churches, and orphanages in Mexico, Nicaragua, India, and Africa."

Judy met Paul in church in 1975. "He was an all-American guy — kind, handsome, tender-hearted, and generous," she said. "We were married three months later."

Paul and Judy Pogue love TruLabs Hydrate and Energy

Hard work and a new perspective

In 1979, Paul and Judy borrowed a thousand dollars to start a construction company. They raised three sons, Randy, Brandon, and Ben.

"A few years after we started the business, we finally took a vacation in Mexico with the boys. We saw children bathing in the river, washing their clothes, little kids without shoes. It touched our hearts and we were never the same," Judy said.

She and Paul met Larry Myers of Mexico Missionaries and began to build projects with him. "With Pogue Missions we visit children at Casa Hogar Alegre orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico, bringing clothing, shoes, and candy. We bring 15 or 20 people from Dallas and have Christmas with the kids," Judy said.

"We support a hospital that has seen 300,000 people, free of charge," said Judy. "Only God could do what we’ve been able to do."

Paul hammers right alongside these mission work crews. "We’ve built some amazing buildings in the U.S. — colleges, fire departments, and football stadiums," he said. "But my favorite is The Precious Pearl, a little church on top of a mountain in Chiapas, Mexico. It’s something that’s eternal, that will help people forever."

Paul and Judy Pogue love TruLabs Hydrate and Energy

Another way to help others

Paul and Judy encouraged Brandon and Jen when they started TruLabs

"Brandon switched careers because he believed that helping people live a healthier life was his calling," said Judy. "We saw that it was his passion. We’re all happier when we’re doing something we feel deeply about."

"He and Jen work well as a team," she added. "They complement each other, each gifted in their own way. It’s been fun to see their excitement of building their dream together." 

Paul and Judy Pogue love TruLabs Hydrate and Energy

Showing up when it counts

Paul brings TruLabs HYDRATE to construction volunteers in Mexico. "It keeps them hydrated and healthy through the heat and long hours of physical activity," he said.

 Hydrate is also among the supplies when his Minuteman Disaster Response nonprofit arrives to help communities affected by natural disasters. "We show up with trucks, chainsaws, and volunteers to help clear streets and get life back on course," said Paul.

They enjoy Hydrate when they go hiking, biking, and zip-lining in Colorado. "Golfing in Texas can easily get you dehydrated," said Judy. "Paul’s buddies always ask who’s bringing the Hydrate."

Judy drinks Hydrate to relieve her muscle cramps, along with ENERGY + FOCUS for energy and clarity to live her best life. That life can be a busy one, as Judy is a business consultant, conference speaker, author, and Bible teacher.   

"I talk to business people about how to set up core values and develop their employees," she said. "I tell them the story of how we did it, encourage them to write goals, persevere, and keep dreaming."

Paul and Judy Pogue love TruLabs Hydrate and Energy

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