Stacy Hutchins: From Childbirth to Kickboxing

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Stacy Hutchins: From childbirth to kickboxing in a single day 

One Monday, Stacy Hutchins guided a woman through labor, taught a fitness class, did errands, went to her daughter’s volleyball team meeting, and made dinner. At 10:30 p.m., she was called to another birthing session that would take all night. She didn’t sleep until Tuesday.

This packed schedule isn’t unusual for Stacy, who loves working as a childbirth educator and doula. For 20 years, she’s provided mental, physical, and emotional support for women and their partners during unmedicated labor at homes, birthing centers, and hospitals. She’s been at more than 450 births and taught childbirth education to more than 1,000 families.  

"It keeps me hopping," Stacy said. It helps that her friend and business partner, Shelly Brittain, is also a doula, childbirth educator, and fitness teacher. "We often cover for each other at a moment’s notice." 

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Room for family life

Stacy, 45, lives in Lucas, Texas, with her husband Derick. Their sons are Mason, 20, studying at West Point; Parker, 18, attending college at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy; and Garrett, 15, a high school sophomore. Holland, a daughter, is 13 and in eighth grade. “The boys play baseball and Holland plays volleyball. "When the seasons start, I spend a lot of time as sports mom and taxi mom," Stacy said.

With 4 to 8 clients a month, and labor dates always unpredictable, Stacy can’t be at all of her children’s activities.   

"My kids and husband understand that the phone will ring at midnight. That sometimes I’ll have to choose another family over my own. I think this builds character and makes us all self-sufficient," she said. "I missed the first day of school this year, but instead of being disappointed they took the first day of school pictures and sent them to me while I was at the birth."

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Teaching fitness started early 

Stacy first worked as a fitness instructor as a sophomore at Oklahoma State, where she majored in nutrition. An exercise and sports enthusiast, she found it easy to take something she enjoyed and teach it to others.

She now teaches kickboxing, Pilates, HIIT, step, barre, and metabolic strength training, and loves watching her students get stronger and healthier.

Understanding how bodies move for fitness allows a better understanding of how movement impacts a woman’s body in labor. She said, "For both sets of clients, I am by their sides as they use their strength, feel empowered, and achieve their goals."

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TruLabs helps her keep going

Stacy was never a fan of pre-workout supplements, but when she realized her friends Jen and Brandon Pogue were behind the TruLabs drinks she’d heard about, she gave TruLabs PRE-WORKOUT a try.

"It was a game changer," said Stacy. "I feel so much better during my workout and recovery. PRE has caused a big shift in my ability to stay fit and teach fitness."

"HHYDRATE and ENERGY + FOCUS are great for birthing sessions. They keep me awake and plugged in. They are a lifesaver when I need to keep my mothers motivated and I haven’t slept in 40 hours," she said.

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Enamored with all things childbirth

Stacy chose unmedicated labor for the birth of her first son. When she gave birth, after 27 hours, she immediately told Derick, "Let’s have another!" 

She was drawn to the idea of helping other women on this path and trained in The Bradley Method of childbirth. Her rewarding careers gave her the flexibility to raise four children and relocate around the country. Today, she also mentors women training to be doulas.

"I know the joy of seeing someone feel empowered and develop a grit they didn’t know they had," she said. "I offer couples strong and compassionate support, plus a safe space to ask questions."

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