Energy + Focus - 1 Stick

Energy + Focus - 1 Stick

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Experience the pinnacle of energy enhancement and mental clarity with TruLabs Energy + Focus: where Energy Perfected® becomes a reality. Unleash your true potential and embrace the unmatched power of TruLabs Energy + Focus.
  • Single servings to try the flavors
  • 6+ hours of Energy + Focus
  • Zero Sugar / 20-25 Calories
  • Plant-Based Caffeine
  • 16 Nutrients
  • Energy Boosting Ingredients: Guarana, Adenine, Ribose, Phosphate
  • Focus Supporting Ingredients: DMAE, Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • No Crash, No Jitters
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Best Taste, Guaranteed
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TruLabs Energy + Focus FAQs

TruLabs Energy + Focus, which contains 672 mg of plant-based Guarana Extract, provides a source of caffeine. While Guarana Extract and pure caffeine content may not be directly comparable, customers often report that one stick of Energy + Focus delivers an energy boost similar to consuming 2 cups of coffee. We hope this explanation clarifies the caffeine content and the energizing effects of TruLabs Energy + Focus.

If you are currently consuming coffee or other energy drinks on a daily basis, incorporating TruLabs ENERGY + FOCUS into your routine can be a beneficial choice. Our carefully crafted formula offers ingredients that are known for their superiority over traditional coffee and energy drink options.

However, please remember to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your daily regimen. They can provide personalized guidance based on your specific health needs and considerations.

The optimal time to consume Energy + Focus is when you find yourself feeling fatigued, experiencing difficulty focusing, or desiring increased productivity.

To minimize the potential impact on your sleep, it is recommended to consume Energy + Focus earlier in the day, taking into consideration your body's response. Keep in mind that caffeine sensitivity varies among individuals, so it is important to assess your own tolerance and adjust accordingly. Prioritizing consistent sleep patterns is vital for your overall well-being.

TruLabs Energy + Focus and TruLabs Pre-Workout have distinct formulas, allowing simultaneous use as needed. However, consult your healthcare provider to ensure appropriate caffeine consumption for your needs.

There is a notable distinction between TruLabs Pre-Workout and TruLabs Energy + Focus. Pre-Workout is designed to optimize circulation during workouts, aiding in recovery. It offers three formulas for rotation (Pre-Workout Caffeine Free, Pre-Workout, and Pre-Workout+).

On the other hand, Energy + Focus is intended to enhance alertness and mental clarity throughout the day, whether for work, school, public speaking, or exams. It provides sustained mental acuity for over six hours without expanding the cardiovascular system like Pre-Workout does for workouts.

Energy + Focus doesn't have varying caffeine options at this time.