When my wife was sick five years ago, we had tried every doctor and method known to us. She had been diagnosed incorrectly and was taking prescriptions that were making her condition worse. It had gotten so bad that we actually were considering having her write letters to all three of our young kids so they could know how much she loved them if she was to pass. 

Because of God and His grace, we met Dr. Bryan Ardis one night when he was the keynote speaker at a convention on health and wellness. His way of analyzing sickness and aliments of the body was completely different than anything my wife and I had ever seen. 

When no one else could help, he did. When all other methods and specialists failed, he succeeded. And in just a short time "Doc" Ardis put her back on the road to health. Fast forward to today, and my wife, Jen, is living a fun, active, and healthy life. Her best life, and if it hadn’t been for "Doc", this story would not have had a happy ending. 

I saw an opportunity to take Dr. Ardis with his experience and method from 17,500 patients (and over 15 years in practice) and to take it to the masses. That’s why I asked him to be my partner, and now that’s why TruLabs exists. 
I love being active, and being a competitive athlete was already a major part of my life. The products we’ve created with Dr. Ardis have helped me not only to become a better athlete, but also a better version of myself. A better husband, father, and leader … I’m so excited to share TruLabs with you. 

Countless hours of research and testing has gone into each product, and you now have the opportunity to reap the benefits! TruLabs has created supplements you will enjoy, and that will enhance your life no matter what season of life you are in. Our flavors will excite your taste buds while our minerals, vitamins, and herbs will help your body to live a healthy, vibrant, and active life so you too can live your best life.  

When you see other supplement companies, know that there is one out of McKinney, Texas, that is truly different. 

Live Well, 

Brandon Pogue - CEO

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