Affiliate Starter Pack

With the Starter Pack, you get all the products below and we will give you three posts for your social media to announce the coming product. If you post them all at the designated times you will get a 90-day money-back guarantee. Meaning we will buy back all the product you have left. We know this won't happen this is why we are so confident. 
Product How Many Your Cost Retail
Pre - Samplers  8  $19.95 Ea $37.95 Ea


3 of each flavor $19.95 Ea $37.95 Ea


2 of each flavor $34.95 Ea $54.95 Ea


$27.95 Ea $54.95 Ea
Total Cost $530.90
Total Revenue $440.00


Please Call or email Josh at 214-790-2986 or to get set up