Our Story

TruQuality. TruResults. TruLabs.

from Brandon Pogue, Founder/CEO

Back in 2017, I was trying to get in shape and get healthy. I was frustrated, and tired of always bouncing from one supplement to another. I was always searching for healthy products that tasted good and actually worked.

Come to find out the products I thought were good for me were harmful to my health and they were causing my body to breakdown. This ultimately led me on a search for products that were healthy, tasted good, and provided energy. Those products did not exist. 

There was a reoccurring theme throughout my search, every product that was somewhat good for me tasted horrible and every product that tasted good was ultimately bad for my health. So I shared the problem with my wife Jen. I felt like, in that moment, God was giving us an idea for a new company.

After visiting with my health advisors and praying about what to do, we started TruLabs. We have consulted and worked with doctors and holistic practitioners to create the healthiest and best tasting products that truly work.

Our team has spent hours, weeks, and months taking years of research and experience to create a solution for all who are searching for what we were searching for. A company that made the highest quality products that taste amazing and rooted in Faith, Family and Fitness. 

If you’ve ever been frustrated like I was, TruLabs is here for you! If you have struggled with finding the energy to be more active and healthy, TruLabs is here for you! Whether your goals are just to drop a couple of pounds, or if you’re an Olympic level athlete going for Gold, TruLabs is here for you! 

At TruLabs We don't have a job, we have a calling to serve and help others. We want you to know that there is a small supplement company based in McKinney, Texas that is different. If you’ve been searching for a company that TRULY Cares, this is it and we want you to be a part of the TRU Family.