Products - PRE

PRE is THE FIRST EVER PRE-WORKOUT system. Meaning you will move from formula A to formula B and so on.

In short, no you do not have to cycle off of PRE. It was designed to maximize the benefits of the system while keeping your body safe. Other products in this category you should cycle on/off but that is hard to know when that is needed. PRE helps your body take breaks periodically from stimulants, to protect your bodies hormone glands from being overwhelmed and overstimulated which would lead to overall fatigue and reduced performance. PRE is safe to use.

There is a big difference between PRE and ENERGY. PRE is designed to expand your capillaries, arteries and increase blood flow for maximum circulation during a workout. PRE also helps your body to recover and is designed as a series. There are four total series that you can rotate through daily, weekly or monthly. This system helps the body not to adapt to PRE so you will always get hyped and energetic to get your workout going.

ENERGY on the other hand helps you create alertness and focus for your day. Whether it is to go to work, take a test or focus in on Sunday morning at church. ENERGY is designed to give you mental clarity and alertness for around 4 hours and maybe even more. It does not expand your cardiovascular system to get your body ready to move as PRE.

Version C of our Pre Workout System is completely safe to use during pregnancy and during nursing. It is not however a substitute for your prescribed Prenatal vitamins and supplements. We do not recommend using Series A, B or D during pregnancy or while nursing. If you are pregnant CONGRATULATIONS!

Answer is, you have 2 options. It is essential that you cycle on and off of the various series of Pre. Option 1. New Series every month, or every 20 workouts (since there is 20 Pre’s per box). Option 2. Buy the Sampler Box and alternate Series each workout. For example Take Series A for today’s work out, and for your next work out take Version B, and so on and so forth!

The Tingle comes from one primarily ingredient, Beta-Alanine. If you are using our Pre you will absolutely look forward to the tingle that Beta-Alanine creates! What Beta-Alanine is doing is, it is increasing blood flow to your muscles and skin getting all parts of your body ready for launch into your workout! During your workout it is removing Lactate from your muscles which causes your muscles to fatigue faster and also makes you sore after your workout! If you want to work out longer, have greater endurance, and improved power and less pain after your workout. Enjoy the tingle! Please watch this video as Dr. Ardis explains why you get the tingle. 

We are the only company to produce a Pre workout system that takes the guess work out of cycling on and off!

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly! Or just order the Sampler Box. Click here to buy a sampler box.

15-20 minutes prior to your workout or fitness activity.

Yes it is does matter, because you will like some flavors more than others and that should matter to you!

Products - ENERGY

If you are drinking coffee daily, or drinking energy drinks daily, you absolutely should use our Energy daily. It’s ingredients are far superior to coffee and other energy brand drinks. Check out our Energy product page and review the supportive studies of each ingredient and you will discover the difference between TruLabs Energy and every other brand or type of energy drink!

When you are tired and losing focus! Or just wanting to feel more productive! If you sleep normal hours at night, and do not work a night hour job, we recommend using Energy before 5 pm, so as to not effect sleep cycle patterns.

The simple answer is No.

Energy does NOT need to be cycled. Although if you find yourself needing it every day to stay alert and productive, by day 97 of daily Energy packets, you should consider looking at your overall sleep quality as a cause of your fatigue, and purchase our SLEEP product, and witness after two weeks, that your habitual daily need of TruLabs ENERGY goes way down!

Products - Sleep

Absolutely, yes!

We formulated and designed our SLEEP product to protect you from morning drowsiness! You will wake refreshed and ready for the day after you experience abundant REM cycles during your sleep when you use our SLEEP product! Nighty Night!

15 minutes before retiring for the night. Please allow yourself 7-8 hours of sleeping period when taking SLEEP! If you don’t have that much time before you have to wake up, take half of the packet. SLEEP is formulated to give you 7-8 hours of quality sleep!

No worries you must be getting quality sleep already! Share the packets with someone who is struggling with their own sleep. If you try our SLEEP and you have trouble staying asleep through the night and see no benefit at all with our product after a week of use, please call us and we will help get your refund on the product!

You should experience dreams while using our SLEEP! That means you are getting into deeper levels of sleep! Just a side note, no one at TruLabs is a prophet or seer of any kind, and as exciting and weird, as some dreams may be, we cannot give you interpretations of your dreams that may occur while using our SLEEP product!

Products - Protein

We use a Whey concentrate. Dr. Ardis found this type of protein to be the most complete and beneficial protein source for building lean muscle. We tested isolates and plant proteins but nothing could beat the results of the whey concentrate that we use inside of Trulabs Protein.

No it is not. With only 130 calories the FDA does not consider this as part of a complete meal replacement.

Our CEO uses his own recipe with Trulabs protein to make a meal replacement. Blog post coming soon!

General Questions

No, ENERGY and SLEEP are made for everyone. You could even use our PROTEIN. PRE is however made specifically for being physically active or working out.

When you sign up it is every 30 days. You can change how often when you log in or you can email us at and have us move it for you. You also can skip shipments.

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Log into your account. Click EDIT, Then you will see a cancel subscription button. It will ask you why you are canceling and you must submit it. If you never hit submit after selecting the reason it will not cancel.

Please cancel at least three days before the next shipment date or the system will automatically charge you for the next month.

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60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. If you don’t see the results you want, then return it, even if you’ve finished the entire product. We’ll refund every penny you paid.

Yes we do, Please call 214.945.4155 or email us at . We have had overwhelming success with our vendors and they replenish Trulabs inventory nearly every month.

Yes, absolutely. Our products contains zero illegal drugs of any kind. Depending on how rigorous your drug-testing procedures, we recommend showing your coach or administration our supplement facts panel.