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Do I have to cycle off PRE?

No, you do not have to cycle off of PRE. And in fact, if you only ever wanted to take one series of PRE, series ‘C’ is the one you could take that your body would never get accustomed to. Series ‘C’ has no caffeine in it.

Again, if you want the best results for yourself, you would take all four PRE Series that are in the Sampler Box. That way you get to fully heal your adrenal glands and ensure your fat-burning hormones are running full speed.

How often should I switch formulas of PRE?

You can cycle on and off your PRE series at a regular interval that suits you. It could be daily, weekly, or monthly. You choose!

How long do I need to take PRE before my workout?

Good question. First, you don’t have to workout to take PRE. PRE provides all the metabolic-boosting benefits we’ve discussed earlier without workouts, though of course it can help more so when you’re keeping your body active.

If you are taking it with workouts, like many people do, it’s best to take PRE 15-20 minutes prior to your workout or any physical activity.

Can I take PRE while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, congratulations! To answer your questions, yes you can take PRE, but it must be Series C. That’s because Series C has no caffeine and so it’s completely safe to use during pregnancy and nursing. It is not however a substitute for your prescribed Prenatal vitamins and supplements. We do not recommend using Series A, B or D during pregnancy or while nursing.

Why does my skin tingle with some PRE series but not others? Is that bad?

Another good question. The tingle you might feel from some PRE series comes from one ingredient: Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine increases blood flow to your muscles and skin, getting all parts of your body “ready for launch” into your workout or for periods you need an extra boost!

Beta alanine also removes lactate during your workout. And as you may know, lactate causes your muscles to fatigue faster and also makes you sore after your workout! So if you want to work out longer, have greater endurance, and improved power and less pain, embrace the tingle. That means your circulation is working in peak form to help you shed fat and build muscle!

How is PRE different from other pre-workout supplements I’ve heard about?

It’s simple. TruLabs’ PRE product, while not solely a pre-workout product, can be used as a pre-workout product. But that’s where the similarities between PRE and others end.

That’s because PRE is the first ever nutritional supplement to act as a complete system to repair your adrenal glands and fire up your metabolism at the same time. There are four different formulations (and eight different flavors) compared to just one tub of powder. Each formula has its own unique blend of natural stimulants and metabolism-boosting nutrients based on clinical studies that show the effectiveness in human performance. They’re perfect for folks looking to shed a few pounds, put on some lean muscle, or just have a clean burst of energy and focus!

Meanwhile, the typical pre-workout supplements you may have heard about might tell you in their super fine print that you need to discontinue use after a while, so you don’t rely on the same stimulant over and over. But it’s nearly impossible to know when that time is. And most of those supplements are full of fillers, or other ingredients you’ll never know about because many manufacturers hide them under something they call a “proprietary blend”, and they’re not legally obligated to reveal everything inside.

Another huge difference between TruLabs’ PRE and generic pre-workout supplements is PRE is the only supplement on the planet with the three raw ingredients required to produce natural ATP energy in every one of your cells. Those three ingredients are adenine, ribose, and phosphate

What If I Don’t Like PRE?


Your PRE purchase comes with a 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. If you try PRE and you don’t feel the extra energy and see the results you want, then return it, even if you’ve finished the entire box, and we’ll refund every penny you paid.

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