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Hey guys, welcome to our podcast when we are talking about our testimonials! We love our testimonials, they keep us motivated! Thank you for sending them in. So what are some of the things that people have said about our product? You know, people write in or calling or texting, they say, Brandon, thank you so much for inventing this Pre -Workout that doesn't upset my stomach. I feel like it doesn't get my heart rate up too high. I know that I can trust any product that you guys make now because of how great the pre work at been in the past. I think that is what has been a big confirmation and confidence booster is that the testimonies that we've been getting back from each person, whether that's through texts, through phone call, through video, through our social media platforms. It is the same type of response that we had issues with in regards to energy drinks, pre - workouts and proteins. So just like you said, people aren't having to run to the bathroom. Or having burning emergencies in the middle of the workouts. They're not feeling bad after having a huge high and then bit then a big low with a crash. They are staying fueled throughout their whole workouts. And then I see for doing more higher intensity, hit interval training or CrossFit sort of workout, they aren't getting an excessive heart rate, which is at maximum heart rate. Then making that person have to rest for duration of time in the midst of their workout.

You know, people who had been on another product like AdvoCare and they say, you know, I've been using Spark and have taken it for the past couple of months on and off. But then, a friend of mine gave me a pack to try of TruLabs PRE and I love the product. It's clean energy that lasts all day, no stomach ache, crazy. That's from a guy named Tyler who's an Oregon. Um, it's pretty cool to get those kinds of reviews. And other lady, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, she's on Instagram, but she said, “hey, I loved your pre-workout. Thank you. I don't take pre-workout that often, but every once in a while I need it and I'll take it.” She's like, “I’d love to be an athlete for you guys. I'd love to help you guys spread the brand.” And you know, when I read those, I've taken screenshots of all these screenshots, and they are awesome!Yeah, there's a few just looking at our Google or views. One from Diana G it says, “I've been using these products since they came out and a few years ago. The pre gives instant energy. It's the perfect pick me up after a long day when he wants to get a good workout in. I can't wait to try the new energy and sleep. I'm ready for something without extra ingredients.” Another one from a trusted chiropractor here in the DFW area. Frank Corbo says, “as a chiropractor, it's important to recommend products with state of the art ingredients as an individual. It is important to work with a company with high integrity. TruLabs is a rare combination of integrity and ingredients add to it their intentionality and investing into their community and you have an awesome company to work with. I couldn't give them a high recommendation.”

I think, not to toot our own horn or anything, but just realizing our strengths and weaknesses as a company, like there's no way that I could go review and, and get to know scientifically like all of these ingredients in what they do. But I'm passionate about people and about fitness in in the community and so that's kind of where more of my strengths are and that's why we are able to bring on Dr. Ardis and we're so thankful for him. And there were he is down to really take on that scientific approach. Yeah… and just come at the supplement world in a different way. Jennifer Reed, she said, “I just used the pre-workout for my first time yesterday and I was able to totally kill my HIT workout. I felt great for the entire hour class and wanted to do more after I was able to take on, take it on an empty stomach in the morning with no adverse effects. I'm never taking any pre workouts before, but I think I might be hooked.” I love getting reviews like that. It's awesome.

There's another one from a trainer on the reviews by TB, it says, “These guys are great! I messed up my order on accident and they took care of it for me. Super Quick and easy as far as the product goes, I love it. I'm a personal trainer and I have been working in the fitness industry for five years, so finding a reliable product like this is great. I use the products myself and recommending to my clients because I can trust the ingredients and don't have to worry about anything harmful to myself or more importantly my clients.”

Starving diva said, “Third try at pre-workout samples of the TruLabs . Today was the A Series. I got through a 135 minute workout of P90x of legs and back plus abs and a 3.9 mile hike, no lack of energy and I was blind from all the sweat my eyes and the picture. The one thing I have to say about this pre workout is the flavors are very subtle and not overly sweet, which is a huge plus in my book.” Yeah, I think that's a good thing to tag on that. And a problem that we saw on the pre-workout road was just the overstimulated adrenal fatigue athletes adding two or three scoops and you know, it was just like a no brainer. We're like, why don't we, why don't we have something that's constantly varied and Jake Floyd on our view online says, “TruLabs is completely and truly different from everything I've tried. I've yet to try a flavor I didn't like and have to yet experience any negative effects. 10 plus years of running through preworkouts. No more. The night I tried sleep was one of the very rare nights that I did not wake up, wants to go to the bathroom or anything. It did not make me sleepy prior to bed as you described, but I did not give, did not have a huge gap between taking it in, lights out. The flavor was incredible. Thanks again for letting me try it!” This is another review, it said, “Tonight was my last packet of the sample pack. This tasted like, like an apple cider was so yummy. This was a true test of the product tonight. I did a hike first and then on my way into the house my neighbors stopped me for an hour or so and I was completely cooled down. By the time I had to do my 90 minute RDX workout. It was tough but I made it through and I think I, I think due to its due to she made it through because of the pre-workout from TruLabs. I really enjoyed this little testing of products. I'm really impressed with the taste being not overly sweet and the immediate pop I got without the itchy head and all a great experience and I think I'm definitely going to place in order!” I love hearing those kinds of reviews, it is awesome.

I've got a lot more of reviews we can read!

Someone else said, “Great customer service! I had a payment go through that shouldn't have. I called Josh and he emailed me and let me know they had funded my money. He even made sure that I wouldn't be charged again unless I needed to. Can't find customer service like this anywhere”. Heck yeah. Awesome. Winning.

So anyway, it's not just about a pre workout here and not just about helping people. It's about our community. It's about the people we support.