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PRE gives you energy and endurance for your body to be active. PRE creates natural energy within the cells of your body so you will have increased energy, stamina, and enhanced mental focus. This means you can use PRE for a variety of actives including to go workout, to go running, or to just get up and be active. PRE helps your body to move! Some customers have reported using PRE for sports and dance classes, while others use it to clean around the house. Ages 8-12 use a half dose, while ages 12 and over can use a full serving. PRE is what you need to be motivated and get moving.

** FREE DUDE PERFECT SHAKER CUP with purchase of two sampler boxes - Please select the variant below to get your free shaker cup. Order contains 2 boxes of the Sampler and 1 Shaker Cup.


    A Series

    The A-Series consists of a well balanced formula of energy and strength building elements. This specific formula offers an instant boost and kick of lasting energy from our base formula. The A-Series uses Guarana which is rich in Antioxidants to help improve your mood, boost heart health and provide pain relief.

    B Series

    The B-Series takes the same base formula from the A series but uses VegiSurge® to provide a natural energy boost, mental awareness and focus. Also in the B-Series there is a touch of Niacin, a light dose of Beta- Alanine and a punch of MCT Powder. The energy boost is refreshing to feel.

    C Series

    The C-Series is a great non-stimulant energy formula. There is no caffeine as in the other formulas but with our TruLabs Base of Adenine, Ribose, and Phosphate you will still get the energy you need with the needed rest from caffeine. This formula is a great energy delivery formula while giving the body time to cycle off stimulants.

    (This formula is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.)

    D Series

    The D-Series continues the momentum with a strong finish of natural boost from Guarana, which is rich in Antioxidants to help improve your mood, boost heart health and provide pain relief. This series includes a gram the amino acid of L-Taurine to give an extra kick of energy.

    Responsibly developed

    Only Clean Ingredients

    The Science

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      Robert C.
      United States United States
      Great product with even better taste!

      Pre gives me the boost of energy I need for my workouts. I find it a better alternative to coffee. I'm SHOCKED how great they ALL taste. Highly recommend!

      Jason S.
      United States United States
      Helps get you ready to work out

      I drink pre, about 30 min before working out and it helps me stay motivated and energized for 2 hours of exercise, thank you for helping me stay motivated

      Tami C.
      Love the service and the

      Love the service and the products,,,

      I cheated on my preworkout for this one and LOVED it!

      I have been a Beachbody performance lover for many years however, I do like to occasionally try other products. When I saw that DP had a line, I immediately wanted to try it! I am picky about making sure all the ingredients are "clean" and that they taste good. I started with the sampler pack because I was a skeptic. Tried the preworkout and hydrate and LOVED it right away. I went and placed a big order of both! Thank you for creating such a great product!

      Kara D.
      Great for tired, nursing mamas (the C series)

      I started taking the Pre (C-Series) as soon as it came out and was rather surprised at how much energy I had after drinking it. I'm a busy breastfeeding, homeschooling, and working mama, so any [healthy] help I can get is welcome! I don't consume caffeine when I'm pregnant or nursing, but I do envy watching my husband have a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning--while I'm so tired sometimes I feel like I'm going to hit the floor. When Dr. Ardis told me about the TruLabs products I was excited to try them and sure enough, they work so well! I have learned to adjust my subscription time frame so I don't run out. :) I definitely recommend the C-series, both flavors are great. I have tried samples of a few of the other flavors and really like them, especially the orange pineapple, however the C-series works well for me so until I'm done nursing I'm sticking with that one. I also want to add how knowledgable, nice, and helpful the TruLab team is. I had a mixup once and they were so quick and friendly to respond. I was only out of my C-Series for a day. Dr. Ardis used to be our family doctor so my experience with his knowledge and professionalism goes back several years. I trust anything he and his partners put out.