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I have tried numerous recovery drinks to rehydrate my body after a workout or a long day working in the yard. I have found that 'Hydrate' is the best hydration product on the market! Over the last 4 years I have found it restores what my body has lost in sweat and vitamins, and I just recover faster. Great product!

Steven R.

Energy + Focus

Excellent product, with great taste! It energizes you and really does help with focus as well! It kicks in quickly but subtly and there is no crash, and even makes you feel better. Would highly recommend!

Charity D.


I started using Sleep and wow! I track my sleep using my Oura Ring and what a huge difference I’ve seen by using Sleep, highly recommend this AND their Hydration more about review content I started using Sleep and wow!



Using Pre has completely changed my workouts. I have more energy, am able to work out harder and longer, and don’t feel completely wiped out the rest of the day like I did before. If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out!

Russell D.


I was dealing major leg cramps at night and it would take me 20-30 minutes to finally be able to walk them out. My wife recommended adding a Hydrate to a water in the afternoon and whatever the ingredients are they WORK!!! I actually take 2 packets a day and have not had a cramp in 6 months now! I have found I sleep better now. The Glacier flavor is my favorite and have added it to a water, club soda or really any liquid you enjoy. I love the automatic delivery, sure makes things easier!

Bruce B.