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TruLabs Sampler Bundle with Free Shaker

TruLabs Sampler Bundle with Free Shaker

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The TruLabs Sampler Bundle includes a single packet of each of our TruLabs products for you to sample and taste. This bundle includes a FREE Shaker and FREE shipping! Limit one TruLabs Sampler Bundle per customer.  

TruLabs Sampler Bundle with Free Shaker includes:

  • 6 Samples of PRE 2.0
    • 1 – PRE+ Black Cherry Vanilla
    • 1 – PRE+ Lemonade
    • 1 – PRE Orange Tango
    • 1 – PRE Apple Crisp
    • 1 – PRE Caffeine Free Pina Colada
    • 1 – PRE Caffeine Free Strawberry Watermelon
  • 3 Samples of Hydrate15
    • 1 – Hydrate15 Strawberry Lemonade
    • 1 – Hydrate15 Lemon Lime
    • 1 – Hydrate15 Perfect Orange
  • 2 Samples of Energy
    • 1 – Energy Orange Pineapple
    • 1 – Energy Blackberry Lemonade
  • 2 Samples of Sleep
    • 1 – Sleep Orange
    • 1 – Sleep Honey Lemon
  • 1 – White Shaker with White Lid.

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    I’m an automobile photographer, on a normal day I shoot 20 to 25 cars. About 40 pics in 5 minutes. Prior to using Hydrate 15 I consumed 2 bottles of 5 hr during my work day. After using H15 I no longer have a need for the boost the 5hr provided. I have energy and a pep on my step. Love it and recommend it often.

    Victor C.
    TruLabs Hydrate

    I love the pure ingredients in this product and the extra hydration really helped my husband's leg cramps when he was doing Keto and needed some extra electrolytes.

    Danielle R.
    TruLabs Hydrate

    I don’t drink energy drinks, I’m always tired in the mornings and coffee doesn’t help. I read the reviews on this and I figured to try it out. Well, I’m not disappointed!! This stuff is awesome! I don’t feel awful and my heart doesn’t flutter like normal energy drinks do to me. I feel like it’s 12 in the afternoon and I feel good and awake! The orange and pineapple taste really good! Just FYI

    Claire W.
    TruLabs Energy + Focus

    TruLabs really is the best preworkout I have ever used. It’s impressive how spot on all of the flavors are! I definitely notice the difference in my workouts when I take it. Phenomenal products & love the company.

    Marissa T.
    TruLabs Pre

    Being a long haul airline pilot definitely makes sleep a challenge. I have tried just about every natural sleep aid on the planet. This has been the most effective sleep remedy by a long shot. Results are not perfect but over time this has delivered the most consistent deep sleep and rem. I am completely happy I found Tru labs sleep formula.

    TruLabs Sleep
    trulabs google reviews

    For over fifteen years, my family and I have used functional medicine to stay healthy. I tapped into this method in order to craft the highest quality products that produce results. Our products contain zero sugar, no artificial colors/flavors, and no fillers.

    TruLabs Pre, Hydrate, Energy + Focus, and Sleep drink mixes are the best on the market and taste incredible. We spend months creating and perfecting each flavor until it is truly incredible. Each product is conveniently packaged in individual sticks for easy grab and go, traveling, and sharing.

    We appreciate each one of our customers because you make it possible for us to keep sharing these one of a kind products with the world. We hope you can see that we are a small supplement company based in McKinney, Texas that is truly different.

    Brandon Pogue
    Founder & CEO