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We trademarked the tagline HYDRATION PERFECTED® because TruLabs HYDRATE is the first and only complete rehydration electrolyte drink mix.
  • 3x More Hydration Than Sports Drinks
  • Zero Sugar / 5 Calories
  • 503mg Electrolytes
  • 18 Vitamins & Minerals
  • Immune Supporting Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium
  • Energy Boosting Ingredients: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12
  • Exercise Support
  • Heat/Sun Support
  • Travel Support
  • 20 Individual, On-The-Go Packets Per Package
  • Great Taste, Guaranteed

18 vitamins and minerals and what they support:

- Vitamin C - immune system
- Vitamin D - immune system
- Magnesium - immune system / heart health
- Zinc - immune system
- Selenium - immune system / healthy metabolism

- Vitamin B1 / Thiamin - cellular energy
- Vitamin B2 / Riboflavin - cellular energy
- Vitamin B3 / Niacin - joint and muscle health
- Vitamin B6 - brain health
- Vitamin B12 - heart health
- Calcium - muscle health
- Iron - endurance
- Copper - heart health
- Chromium - healthy blood sugar
- Sodium Chloride -same form of salt that's in IVs
- Potassium - nervous system health
- Vanadium - performance
- Calcium - bone health

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David B.
United States United States

Real feedback

I have tried multiple different “Hydration Multiplier” products that have come onto the market over the last 3+ years. Quite a few of them could immediately be recognized as incredibly cheap in quality and a tragic waste of time and money. Besides the usual and typical chemical/metallic taste they seemed to have, I found that very few seemed to help me re-hydrate when it was hot and I’d been sweating a lot. Much to my surprise however, Hydrate did in fact turn out to be the Real Deal. Not only does my favorite flavor Perfect Orange taste good, but it’s NOT an overpowering flavor that I feel like I have to choke it down. The result is being able to mix 1 small packet into a 20 ounce bottle of water that dissolves instantly, chug it straight down easily and whenever I’m already dehydrated and starting to cramp up all over, the cramps stop within 1 to 2 minutes flat! I’ve NEVER found another hydration multiplier that is SO readily absorbed and utilized by the body like Hydrate does. That’s just my opinion, but that’s backed by my 28+ years as a Paramedic so I don’t say this lightly. Of course, like everything and everyone in this world, experiences will vary from person to person but I tell/give friends and family Hydrate when I can and have Zero reservation about putting my name behind this product. It’s clean, with no sugar or typical garbage you see added by food/beverage companies these days. I just need to buy more before I run out.



Wow! Your review is incredible! We are so thankful that you shared about your positive experience with Hydrate. Your experience as a paramedic for 28+ years makes it even more special. Thank you for being part of our Tru Tribe and for your great feedback. Our whole team will read this and be encouraged by it!

Billy S.
United States United States

Nothing comes close

I'm so thinking I discovered this product. I'm needing to drink more water but carbonated drinks that are bad for you keep calling me back I discovered TruLabs I'm drink more water with Trulabs and feeling much better and my doctor and Daughter are off my back! If I may suggest can we get a cherry � type flavor but until then glazer and perfect orange � will do! Thank you for truly making my life hetter! God bless! Be blessed



Thank you for taking the time to write about Hydrate! We're thrilled that it's working so well for you! I shared about your request for a cherry flavor with our team. That would be so delicious!

Amanda C.
United States United States


I love this product!! I think its the best tasting and with no weird additives - it's my favorite on the market. I use this post workout, when I am sick, when I am traveling, on the go -- helps reset my electrolytes and tastes so good! RUN, dont walk to get this one.



Thank you for your kind review! These make our day! You are why we do what we do!

Vickie W.
United States United States

Great product

Lemon Lime is the best. All the others are way too sweet and that’s even in 32 ounces of water. My biggest complaint is hiding the expiration date. I finally found it and it is extremely hard to read. Make it easier. I was sent a box that was expiring in a month. I look at those dates. Your company sent me another box but now the new packaging makes it hard to find that date. At least on the old package it was bold and easy to see. It makes me think a company is hiding something when they cover up expiration dates. I’ll continue to buy the product and have used it backpacking, working out and also for post surgery recovery.



Thank you for your feedback! It's wonderful that you love lemon lime! While we respect your opinion on our other flavors, there are thousands of Tru Tribe members who love Glacier, Strawberry Lemonade, Perfect Orange, and our new flavor Watermelon. We offer 5 flavors so everyone can drink what they love! We apologize that the expiration date wasn't easy to find for you on the sticks. Our intention was not to hide it. The location of it depends on how the stick is sealed each time we produce more. Also, the expiration dates are stamped on the back of each carton as well. I shared your feedback with our team so we can work on a solution going forward for the sticks. We're glad that our customer service team already sent you a complementary carton of Hydrate since the Lemon Lime that you received was set to expire in a month. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Kevin B.
United States United States

Absolute Believer of this product

I compete in a wide range of athletic activities from racquetball to bike riding and competing in adventure racing and strongman competitions. My biggest hurdle was severe muscle cramps from dehydration. I would drink plenty of water before during and after but would still suffer from cramping. I tried several other products with a little bit of success, but once I found hydrate 15 and started using it during all my various activities my muscle cramps have become a thing of the past. Now I even start each day with a 20oz bottle of water and 1 hydrate packet mixed in just to maintain my daily hydration when I am not being so active, and during competitive events I may take 1 every 3 to 4 hours depending on my physical output and it has worked like a miracle for me. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.



We appreciate your detailed review and we are grateful that Hydrate is helping you with you active lifestyle! We love that you're also drinking it to stay hydrated on your rest days as well. Thank you for taking the time to leave your review!

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