Pre: Coming Clean on Caffeine

Do pre-workout drinks work? Coming clean on caffeine.

You’ve seen folks at the gym shaking them up and chugging them down, but you’ve never tried a pre-workout drink. Do they really work or is it all hype and the placebo effect?  We’ll tell you the nutrients you should look for, and why TruLabs has three different pre-workout drinks for your training routine.

Why take a pre-workout drink?

There are many energy drinks that depend on sugar and caffeine to keep you awake and alert.

Pre-workout drinks are different. Many bodybuilders, trainers, athletes, and people who live an active lifestyle recommend pre-workout drinks, also called sports nutrition supplements, to improve training results.

They are formulated to support your body’s own metabolism, boost energy levels, and increase focus. They give you more power to:

  • Shake off a rough morning
  • Wake up your inner athlete
  • Gain greater stamina and endurance
  • Have a longer, more intense training session
  • Build stronger muscles and core strength

If you want to get fit and build your muscles, look for pre-workouts that contain L-Arginine. This is an amino acid that improves blood flow and nitric oxide metabolism, essential for all athletic activities. It reduces fatigue and maximize your muscle gain and endurance.

TruLabs PRE – the best

TruLabs’ pre-workout drinks limit the caffeine and include all the top nutrients, amino acids, and minerals to boost your energy and up your game.

Our PRE+ formula has guarana, a plant-based caffeine stimulant that is gentler on your system while our PRE formula has natural caffeine in the form of green coffee bean extract. All three of our formulas contain adenine, ribose and phosphate, which help your body generate its own energy. We’re committed to keeping you healthier as we support your workout.

PRE is available in a convenient powder that you mix in a shaker to create a delicious drink, in six flavors. Drink it 30 minutes before your workout and expect it to last up to two hours.

Many athletes like to switch through the three types of TruLabs PRE to cycle on and off caffeine, and reset their body’s response:

  • PRE+ (with 200 mg of guarana)
  • PRE (with 100 mg of green coffee bean extract)
  • PRE CAFFEINE FREE (with no caffeine stimulant)


TruLabs PRE supports athletes during these activities:

  • Weightlifting
  • Circuit training
  • Sports training
  • Endurance sessions
  • Aerobics and cardio exercises

How much caffeine is too much?

Caffeine is a proven way to sharpen your concentration, extend your attention span, and of course, kick up your energy level.

Medical experts say that large amounts of caffeine may rapidly increase your heart rate and blood pressure. It’s not good for children, who are still developing their cardiovascular and nervous systems. Some people reacts to caffeine poorly, experiencing anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems, headaches, adrenal fatigue, or dehydration.

For most healthy adults, up to 400 mg. of caffeine a day is safe, according to the Mayo Clinic. That’s roughly four cups of brewed coffee or 10 cans of soda. So you can easily include TruLab’s PRE, with 100 mgs of guarana caffeine, as part of your daily intake.

If caffeine bothers you, or if you have an evening workout schedule, switch to PRE Caffeine Free. You’ll get all the benefits of the included nutrients ­and still get a good night’s sleep.

Try the PRE workout that is truly different

As you now know, TruLabs PRE Workout differs from other sport drinks in that it uses high-quality ingredients and all the nutrients that you need to optimize your health, along with your workout routine. Our customers tell us they love our flavors, and that TruLabs drinks are some of the best tasting supplements out there.

Discover the benefits of TruLabs today.



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