What’s New, What’s true: Fitness in 2024

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From wearable trackers to online classes, there’s always a new fad in the health and fitness world. 

Brandon Pogue, founder and CEO of TruLabs, watches the trends, but he believes some things stay the same.  

“I think the secret to long-term success in fitness is to have a time, a habit, and a buddy,” he said. “Personally, I find it’s easier to work out in the mornings when I am less likely to be interrupted. I just wake up and workout five days a week. But you can stick to whatever routine works for you.”

He also sees great value in being part of a group. “Whether you are out walking or going to the gym, it doesn’t matter; just do it with someone,” he said. “That way, someone is holding you accountable.”

“Each morning, there are 8 to 10 people at my gym. If I’m not there, I’ll hear from them. They are going to call and say, ‘What happened?’ because I am always so consistent,” he said.

“Before I work out, I add a scoop of creatine to my Black Cherry Vanilla PRE workout. And I drink Watermelon Hydrate during the session,” he said.

What to expect in 2024

Mindbody Report predicts these exercise and wellness trends will grow in 2024: 

  • Strength training for flexibility, cardiovascular health, and better bone density.
  • Health programs in community venues.
  • Hot and cold therapies like cold plunging and saunas.
  • Continued interest in improving sleep through better routines, smart beds, and tracking devices.
  • Programs that let older adults build strength and make new friends.
  • Shorter, more frequent workout “snacks” during the day.

TruLabs PreWorkout

At home or with friends

In 2024, interactive fitness apps or online digital fitness programs will let you work out on your own schedule, at home, or wherever you travel, even connecting you to a personal trainer for a private lesson. 

And soon, you may be able to get a DNA analysis that examines genetic differences in your metabolism, muscle mass, and endurance response to help your gym give you a customized workout recommendation.

You can also customize your TruLabs PRE workout drink, choosing from three formulas of different intensity, from high stimulation to low, which gives your body a chance to reset and keeps you at maximum performance level.

Though working out from home is convenient, fitness industry experts agree that group classes like CrossFit will remain popular as a way to build essential social bonds while building muscle.

They are also seeing more community fitness events, such as marathons, weight lifting challenges, and yoga and tai chi by the lake. 

TruLabs sponsored a community-based event, CrossFit Battle on the Border, in Sherman, Texas, in September 2023. “There were 400 competitors. We went through 110 gallons of Hydrate,” Brandon said. “It was 100 degrees, and no one fainted. I believe Hydrate helped everyone to avoid heat exhaustion.”  

TruLabs PreWorkout

Technology rules  

With wearable tech and AI programs, gyms can develop a more personalized fitness plan for your body type, goals, and specific health needs. 

While Brandon and his workout buddies thrive on lifting and CrossFit, they sometimes break up the routine. “Last October, we took a month off to do Squatober. It was real fun to change it up and get strong.”

TruLabs PRE workout drinks let you exercise harder and longer, so you get the most out of your workout and replace the nutrients, amino acids, and minerals you lose when you sweat.

“There are two main reasons why people work out,” said Brandon. “Either it’s because they want to look good physically or because they want to live a long time, stay healthy, and keep functioning. Either way, TruLabs can help.”








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