Boost Your Workout with Music

You emerge from the gym locker room, carrying your TruLabs shaker cup filled with Apple Crisp Pre-Workout, towel at hand. As you prepare for your workout, you finish your energy drink and switch on your earbuds. Immediately, your favorite music fills your ears and pushes you to get moving.

In the TruLabs gym, Brandon Pogue and his crew work out to classic rock tunes, while Jen Pogue prefers Christian Rap. 

According to the 2023 Workout Music Report, pop music is the most popular workout music; it’s followed by hip-hop, nostalgia, downtempo, electronic, rock, country, and Latin sounds.

All of these have a tempo that helps you pick up your pace and your pulse. But for a bike ride in the country or yoga stretches, you might want gentler, more soothing music. 

CrossFit teams look for fast-paced songs, heavy bass, timely beat drops, and memorable lyrics. They find it in the strong rhythms and high energy of rap, electronic dance music, pop, rock, R&B, and heavy metal, says 

Pre-Workout on Your Playlist

Whatever your preference, music can inspire you with a personal, encouraging message and a sound that you love.

Just as you customize your soundtrack, you can also customize your TruLabs Pre workout drink, choosing from three formulas of different intensity, from high stimulation to low. These give your body a chance to reset and keep you at maximum performance level. There’s also Caffeine Free Pre, in Pina Colada or Strawberry Watermelon, for evening sessions.

Rhythms Help You Exercise Longer

In 2021, the journal Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine looked at 26 studies on the effects of music on the cardiovascular system. 

Several suggested that listening to music could make exercise feel easier and more fun so that you increase your endurance, distance, or duration. When you match your pace to the music, you tend to exercise more.

Music, on its own, also improves your mood, giving you an emotional lift. In your brain, music stimulates dopamine production, which can diminish feelings of pain and make you feel happier overall. You’ll look forward to the next song, focus on the music, and keep going.

When you combine music with TruLabs  Pre, you’re getting nutrients, amino acids, and minerals that boost your energy so you can exercise harder and longer. Our PRE formula has guarana, a plant-based caffeine stimulant that is gentler on your system. It also contains adenine, ribose, and phosphate, which help your body generate its own energy.  

Music Pumps up Cardio Health

The power of music may also reduce risk factors that impact your cardiovascular health. Some studies have shown that listening to slower, gentler melodies encourages the nervous system to relax by stimulating the vagus nerve. This can:

  • Lower stress by reducing the hormone cortisol.
  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Limit inflammation, a key factor in heart disease.

Other researchers studied how listening to Mozart affects the brain and found it slightly improved thinking skills for language, attention, and memory. So it might be helpful to choose a classical symphony —along with a drink of TruLabs Energy + Focus — when you’ve got some serious thinking to do. 

Best of all, listening to music is available to everyone, inexpensive, and low-risk — assuming you keep the volume down and don’t sing along. You can build fitness and health when you energize your workout with TruLabs and music.