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Improve Your Fitness with TruLabs  

For many TruLabs customers, a commitment to fitness is essential to their lives. But each of them has their own reason for staying fit. 

For Mike Manning, gym owner, it goes beyond physical health. "I like to stay in shape, but my workouts help my mind even more than my body," he said.

Cory Proctor, who played with the Dallas Cowboys, told us, "I want to be active, with a strong, functional body, so I can feel good about myself and take of my family." 

Karla Miller’s daily workout is non-negotiable. "Exercise becomes a part of you," said Karla. "A daily habit. It’s something I have to do to get the energy I need all day long." 

Going through life with a strong, healthy body is one of the best things you can do for yourself. TruLabs nutritional supplements can help you reach your workout goal, whether it’s greater strength, toned muscles, better health, stress reduction, mental clarity, higher self-esteem — or just for fun. 

TruLabs products restore the vitamins and minerals you burn off during exercise. They can also help you gain clarity, focus, and energy throughout your day, and even sleep better at night.

All TruLabs nutritional supplement drinks are conveniently packaged in individual sticks to dissolve in water, for easy grab and go. And you can get them in a variety of delicious flavors, so you don’t get tired of them.


Pump up your workout

TruLabs’ pre-workout drinks include all the top nutrients, amino acids, and minerals to boost your energy so you can exercise harder and longer. Our PRE formula has guarana, a plant-based caffeine stimulant that is gentler on your system. It also contains adenine, ribose and phosphate, which help your body generate its own energy.  

TruLabs PRE has 3 formulas of different intensity, from high stimulation to low, which gives your body a chance to reset and keeps you at maximum performance level.

PRE CAFFEINE FREE is for people who work out in the late afternoon or early evenings, or don’t want added caffeine to keep them up at night.


How to stay hydrated

Your body loses fluids throughout the day. If they are not replaced, you can suffer from dehydration, headaches, and an inability to concentrate. 

TruLabs HYDRATE is the first and only electrolyte drink mix that is a complete rehydration formula. It replenishes 18 different essential vitamins and minerals, including electrolytes, such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium that cannot be replaced by drinking water alone. It also contains copper, to increase energy and power, and selenium, to boost your metabolism and your immune system. 

HYDRATE can be drunk before, after, and during workouts or any physical activity, to improve performance. Enjoyed throughout the day, it can keep you focused, productive, and alert.


Staying sharp and active

Every day, you draw upon your body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals. Your energy may dip in the afternoon, until you hit bottom, and find it harder to focus, concentrate, and stay in the moment.  

TruLabs ENERGY + FOCUS contains our signature base formula of adenine, ribose, and phosphate to help the body create energy at the cellular level. It includes DMAE to support mental focus and Acetyl-L-Carnitine to enhance brain function. Plus, Guarana caffeine, which can improve mood, boost heart health, and fuel stamina and concentration.


A good night’s sleep

About 1 in 3 U.S. adults say they don’t get enough sleep at night.1 Chronic sleep loss affects your memory, hand-eye coordination, mood, and reaction time, as well as your ability to learn. 

TruLabs SLEEP formula helps you get to sleep faster and wake up refreshed, with no lingering drowsiness. It combines proven ingredients like melatonin, passion flower, GABA, and valerian root so you can sleep more deeply and reach REM sleep more quickly. 

When you sleep well your brain and body slow down, process memories, and recover from the day. This is essential for better physical and mental health the next morning.2

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