Set 2023 Goals You Can Reach

TruLabs will help you reach your 2023 goals!

Set your 2023 workout goals to succeed

It’s January, and the new year feels like a clean slate with limitless opportunities. Everything you couldn’t do last year seems possible this year — like building a stronger, toned body. TruLabs Pre-Workout workout formula can help boost your workout to a new level and support your health and fitness.  

Here are ten tips for setting and achieving your goals.

1. Small steps. Big victories.

When you set goals, they should be achievable, not astronomical. Though you stretch beyond your current activity, you can attain your goals in stages, celebrating each victory. You aim to feel good about yourself, so you continue to pursue exercise and better health.  

2. Get started

Increasing your workout begins before your workout. Adding an extra class means finding a gym, signing up, and scheduling the time. Order a supply of TruLabs Pre-Workout to help you increase your endurance. Each of these is a step toward your goal.

TruLabs will help you reach your 2023 goals!

3. Work it out. Shake it up.

To look forward to your workout, make it fun and challenging. If it gets routine, move to a new hiking trail, a hot yoga class, or CrossFit. You can even switch to a new flavor of PRE, like cherry vanilla or orange tango, to support your performance.

4. Make it convenient

Avoid any barriers to exercise. If your gym is close to home, or even at home, you’ll have fewer excuses to miss your workout. Many people work out first thing in the morning, but if an evening workout suits you better, try PRE Caffeine Free.

5. Use PRE to keep going longer

TruLabs PRE is the only pre-workout drink mix that offers three unique formulas with variable amounts of plant-based caffeine from Guarana extract. You’ll be able to work harder and longer with no crashes and no jitters. Our formula supplies 16 nutrients and amino acids, which include adenine, ribose, and phosphate, so your body can generate its energy in the form of ATP.

TruLabs will help you reach your 2023 goals!

6. Be specific. Set a deadline.

“I want to work out more” isn’t a goal you can measure. Instead, aim for three weekly classes, 30 minutes a day, through June 1. When you set a measurable milestone, you can track tangible improvements on your next blood pressure check, such as losing 10 pounds or 10 points.

“In the scientific literature, goals that are tailored, precise, and set in short time scales are more likely to be achieved,” said Guillaume Chevance, an assistant research professor at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, in an article in the New York Times.

7. Set a challenging goal.  

Chevance’s research study found that inactive people get more active when motivated by challenging but not overwhelming goals. So, if you’ve never been a distance runner, go ahead and register for that half-marathon and increase your distance each day. Making that goal should feel like an achievement.

8. Find your real motivation. 

If you want to be able to increase your deadlift or bench press by the end of the year or even walk a mile every day, think about why you want that to happen. Will it improve your mental health and self-esteem? Keeping that inner “why” in mind will keep you moving.

TruLabs will help you reach your 2023 goals!

9. Do it with a friend. 

You’re less likely to flake out on your commitment when a trainer or buddy is waiting for you. Plus, you can chat between reps or get some talk therapy in the process as you bike. Don’t forget an extra stick pack of PRE for your friend.

10. Pay attention

A group of researchers found that subjects were more motivated to increase their physical activity as mindfulness increased. When you’re mindful, you’re aware of your surroundings, thoughts, and feelings. This keeps you fixed in the present moment and may increase how long you want to work out and pump out those feel-good endorphins.  

Fitness, strength, and weight control aren’t goals you reach and then stop. They’re all part of a new lifestyle, your lifelong commitment to health. TruLabs can help you at every step along the way.

SOURCES, by J.D. Deen

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