Taking a trip? Pack Hydrate

Taking a trip? Pack Hydrate

If you are setting off on vacation, make sure you have TruLabs Hydrate sticks in your travel bag. 

When visiting new cities or hiking in the mountains, especially in hot weather, you’ll want everyone to drink plenty of Hydrate to prevent dehydration. Hydrate’s great fruity flavors make it easy to stay hydrated on the go.

If you are planning a staycation at home, TruLabs Hydrate is your best drink for hot summer days in local parks or even the backyard. 

Stay Hydrated while Traveling

When you go to new places with different foods and environments, it’s essential to maintain your wellness. You’ll want to stay out longer, walk further, and explore everything.

So, staying hydrated is step one, starting with the dry air of the airplane. A stick of TruLabs Hydrate in your carry-on lets you turn a bottle of water into a delicious, rejuvenating treat. You’ll also want to have your TruLabs Hydrate and water when working up a sweat on a hot beach or touring historic landmarks.

Try our New Hydrate Formulas

Three new Hydrate formulas, sweetened with monk fruit extract and sugarcane reb m, have more electrolytes, no sugar, and 5-10 calories — for even more ways to support wellness.

TruLabs’ delicious Peach Mango Hydrate gives you 1,422 mg of electrolytes, and 19 vitamins and minerals, including six B vitamins, for hydration replenishment.

TruLabs Hydrate + Detox, in an incredible Tropical Punch flavor, provides 2,133 mg of electrolytes for hydration and DHM for detox support — all in a single drink.

TruLabs Hydrate + Organic Greens, in a fresh, tangy Green Apple flavor, boosts your electrolytes and greens all in one drink.

Buy new hydrates here

You can find our new Hydrate on the vitamins aisle at Walmart now, walmart.com, vitacost.com and soon on trulabs.com, Amazon, and many other retailers.

So keep Hydrate handy at home and on the road. Safe travels!


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